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Recycled And Rebuilt: Automotive Art

Recycled And Rebuilt: Automotive Art

Artwork that includes recycled supplies can produce interesting pieces to look at. Taking old objects and turning them into completely new ones that grab the observer’s attention requires a creative outlook. Eric Van Hove is a conceptual artist with an automotive flair and an imagination. The V12 Laraki, his engine reconstruction of a Mercedes V12, is a one of a kind work. Completely taking apart a Mercedes engine, Van Hove recreated each piece with amazing detail. He also had some added Moroccan influence. A grant funded project led the artist to Morocco where he received design assistance with the engine from… read more

Fuel Saving Technologies

Fuel saving technologies

Automobile manufacturers around the globe are eyeing on new ways to save fuel and increase the economy of their cars. They are pushed to do this because of the increase in fuel price and depletion of fossil fuels. So following are some technologies that are employed in new car models in the event of saving fuel. If you are planning to buy a new car do check for these money saving technologies. Direct Injection:  Fuel injection techniques are being adopted instead of carburetors because engines using carburetors require higher maintenance when compared to fuel injection engines. As a part of… read more