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Retro Refrigerator Redo

Retro Refrigerator Redo

Refrigerators are not normally an eye-catching appliance, usually more beloved for their contents than their appearance. The following designs, however, are stylish replicas of vintage refrigerators that hold true to their eras but have updated efficient features. EU Energy Label and US Energy Star ratings provide guides and suggestions to consider when purchasing appliances that will have an increased energy efficiency capacity. Colorful in lime green, red or toned down in cream, Oranier has a line of free standing refrigerators, which unlike older appliances, these have an A+ energy efficiency rating. This model features a cooling system and fan that… read more

Energy Efficient Laptops

Energy efficient computers

Tech manufacturers are increasingly producing ecologically-oriented merchandise, and the options for consumers are growing each day. Laptops are near the top of the list on necessity and importance value, and as such it is vital that you choose a durable and lasting computer that will save on both energy costs and perform to your needs. Retailers are now compiling lists of Energy-Star rated devices to help consumers make educated purchases. For example, Amazon┬áhas prepared an extensive list of their highest rated Energy-Star laptops, desktops, and other computer related products, with customer ratings and reviews for each device. Best Buy also… read more