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Pedal-Powered Energy for Everyday Power Needs


In our quest for more sustainable power options, there have been quite a few recent high-tech innovations that harness the power of the sun, the wind, and even waves, but for an incredibly efficient method of providing human-scale energy, it might just be time to look backward a bit. The humble bicycle is one of the most efficient machines ever invented, with an efficiency rate of about 97%, which pretty much blows the other options out of the water, at least on a small scale. And now a couple of guys want to bring pedal power to the masses –… read more

Bladeless Turbines

Bladeless Turbines

Wind power is one of the most popular and widely used sustainable, non-depleting, non-polluting and eco-friendly energy sources. Recent technological advancements are making innovations only in the grid and energy storage systems but meager updates in the case of turbine design which was initially designed 400 years ago. So what is the problem with the existing design? Well, there are three reasons; their efficiency is insanely bad, the cost of installing single turbine is very high and the most important issue is “wind turbine syndrome” where people in the vicinity of the turbines get headaches, sleeplessness and other health problems…. read more