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Environmental Records

President Obama's Environmental Record

While it is still too close to assume anything, including a President Obama victory in the November elections, it can be assumed the environmental policies established under the Obama administration will be continued and built upon in a second term. Unfortunately, progress on environmental policy has been difficult given the continual feud between the administration and the House of Representatives, but President Obama has utilized his authority to exercise executive powers to instigate the most sweeping attack on air pollution in U.S. history. He has imposed the first carbon-dioxide limits on new power plants, steered billions of federal dollars to… read more

Energy Efficiency Dropped

Energy POlicy Dropped

In a disturbing yet unsurprising turn of events, the Republican Party national platform for 2012 contains no mention of energy efficiency. The omission has turned heads, given the previous positions of Mitt Romney on energy efficiency during his tenure as Massachusetts governor, and the 2004 and 2008 Republican Party platforms including energy efficiency. Even Former President George W. Bush, with all of his ties to the oil industry, had nearly 50 recommendations addressing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy conservation during his 2004 term. In the past, energy efficiency and conservation has been a fairly bipartisan issue, especially in Congress,… read more

Thy Name is Republican

Thy Name Is republican

Usually there isn’t need for such drastic partisan claims to be made, but the situation at present is an exemption. Mitt Romney, on top of his disastrous handling of the attacks in Libya and Egypt, is still pushing a campaign promise to let the wind energy tax credits expire at the end of the year, while maintaining the massive tax credits given to the coal and oil industries. Constantly touting the philosophy that tax credits allow the government to determine which industries succeed and fail is incorrect and doesn’t allow for the free market to decide, Romney and similar-minded Republicans… read more

Congress Still an Obstacle

Congress Still An Obstacle

Amidst all the attention surrounding the upcoming presidential election, it seems as though Congress has been exempt from criticism surrounding the environment. This could be in part due to the extremely low public approval ratings of Congress which contribute to apathy, and the recognition of certain powerful members of Congress being unwilling to do anything about the environment. For whatever reasons, Congress has been flying under the radar as of late, which is frequently a bad thing. As expected, members of Congress took this opportunity to get controversial measures passed, especially through the House of Representatives. Led by U.S. Representative… read more

Money Talks, Walks & Works

Money Talks, Walks & Works

Unfortunately, money has a significant impact in politics and policy. However, this is not a new claim, nor is it surprising. Ever since Citizens United passed, money in politics has been accepted, though not without backlash. Last year, a piece of legislation was brought up in the California senate which aimed to allow non-property owning residents to buy-in to distributed renewable energy programs in their territories. Current California law allows for property owners, i.e. homeowners, to add renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, onto their homes. Further, homeowners can apply for government loans and tax credits to help fund… read more

No Silver Bullet

No Silver Bullet

According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Energy, CO2 emissions in the United States have dropped to the lowest levels since 1992. The focus of the analysis done by scientists and journalists has been attempting to discern the reasons for the drop. However, this type of analysis is missing a larger point: efforts to combat the rise in CO2 emissions in the U.S. have worked. Granted, identifying which efforts worked and didn’t work is important for repeating the success, but it cannot be ignored that on a macro-scale, it worked. A combined rise in natural gas usage,… read more