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Leading By Example

Leading By Example

Industry, though necessary in a modern world, has a big impact on the environment. It takes enormous energy to run places, and yet there are some organizations and workplaces making great efforts to reduce their impact. Great Britain is home to one extremely green hospital. Featured on Real Green TV, University Hospital of South Manchester is the first in the UK to install a large 4 megawatt biomass plant, which greatly decreases their carbon dioxide emissions. Implementing greener ways of doing things is a commitment reportedly taken seriously by staff. The goal is to become carbon neutral, and in addition to… read more

Energy from Algae

Algae Energy

An increasingly energy thirsty world craves transportation fuels, lucrative oils to run factories, and energy to supply the astounding amount of electronic devices that are proliferating. There is a great need for a new sustainable energy resource.  Algae can contain high levels of oils, carbohydrates, sugars and proteins, and can be used to produce renewable fuel, animal feed, and human food. Algae is used to run electricity to homes in Arizona and shows great possibility for a future in biodiesel. Heterotrophic microalgae are grown in large fermenters using sugar or starch, similar to the corn ethanol fermentation already providing almost 10… read more

Effects of Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure

Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure

Health related research studies that recognize links between psychological dynamics and environmental factors provide a firsthand look into the significance of the relationship between the two. A study looking into psychological distress and air pollution exposure during maternal periods found that these can later have a negative effect on child behavior. Researchers from the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health at the Mailman School of Public Health conducted the study, which was recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is a pioneering effort in that it attributes a relationship among mental states during pregnancy and… read more

The Climate Change Debate Is About To Take A Turn

The Climate Change Debate Is About To Take A Turn

A new report expected on climate change is outlining some interesting and unexpected developments. According to current research findings from climate specialists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the causes of global warming may not be exactly as initially thought. For decades carbon dioxide levels have been on the rise, and greenhouse gasses have remained a staple topic. However, it has been found that average global air temperatures have actually remained fairly stable for 15 years, in spite of the rise in emissions. The new research suggests that cyclic cooling temperatures in the Pacific Ocean can help to explain this. The world’s… read more

Space Tube Transportation of the Future

Space Tube Transportation of the Future

The human need to propel with man-made forms of travel can be found throughout history. Transportation is a necessity for daily schedules but things like emissions, particulate matter and carbon monoxide are obviously not so good for the environment. Daryl Oster wants to fix this issue with his version of space inspired mobility called Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies, or ET3™. It doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, can be a cost effective mode of transport and won’t even cause noise pollution. Oh, and if you need to cut down your commute or business travel time, it can also go faster than… read more

Clean Business Strategies

Clean business

In the midst of the climate crisis, clean business strategies are vital. Even for a business unconcerned with the climate crisis, it would be in its best interest to invest in climate protection. Today, entrepreneurs and companies prosper from adopting more efficient practices, especially as environmental concerns worsen. Made clear throughout history, it is the nations that innovate to meet the needs of humans and the environment who have ruled the world, politically and otherwise. With environmental responsibility comes innovation, this has been proven time and again as some of the world’s leading companies strive to improve their efficiency and sustain their good reputations. In the early 2000’s, Dupont pledged to reduce its… read more

Two Different Paths

Greener communities

Since the federal government in the United States has been met with its fair share of delays and inaction, the opportunities for individual communities to take action on conserving the environment and combating climate change have largely increased. Cities and neighborhoods are able to bypass a lot of the red tape surrounding implementing “green” strategies and programs, which makes it much easier for small-scale success. There are expected green cities, such as Portland, OR, which has excellent public transportation and an extensive network of bike trails; the city also offers financial incentives to homeowners and businesses which use solar energy; Boulder, CO,… read more

Glass vs Plastic Bottles

Glass vs plastic bottles

Many companies are working to reduce the amount of waste and emission they use in making our drink containers. For instance, nowadays glass bottles are 40% lighter, plastic (2-liters) now weigh 8.5 grams instead of the staggering 22 grams, and the carbon footprint of aluminum is down by 43%. The big question is which is best for the environment? The answer is glass. Glass can be recycled on a short-term basis and it can be reused and recycled endlessly.  All different types of glass can be used in a mix means furnace unlike plastic. For every six tons of glass that… read more

Clean Coal Conundrum

Carbon sequestration

The term “clean coal” sounds paradoxical, but it is theoretically clean.Well, if “clean” means “not in the air”. Theoretically, coal can be “clean” in two different ways. Carbon sequestration captures the emissions from burning coal before they exit through the smokestack, and stores them deep underground where they can’t escape. The technology isn’t available for carbon sequestration now, and likely won’t be for decades. Further, the process isn’t economically viable, but if it is a component of a clean energy policy, then its progress will accelerate from additional resources. The other way to have clean coal is to use what’s called a “scrubber”, which… read more

Why Move to Electric?

Electric cars - the future

Are electric cars the future? If you are a person that likes to save money or the environment, gas powered vehicles are not for you.  Only the electric alternative will save you money on a regular basis and help protect our environment. One advantage of an electric car is the complete nonexistent emissions.  A full electric vehicle will not have an exhaust system, fuel tank or muffler.  Another great thing about electric vehicles is how they use absolutely no fossil fuels under the hood.  The rechargeable battery is just an added benefit to owning an electric car.  As is the… read more