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Going paperless – give it a go!

Going paperless

“Save the trees and stop global warming” she cried We’re not really sure who “she” is, but someone has surely shouted that out at one point or another in their life, probably from a rooftop like in the movies. Paperless everything is here for good now. E-reader devices, document scanners, e-magazines, etc are the new magazine stand, bookstore-down-the-street, xerox-printer-in-every-office trend, and the movement is growing. You’re hopefully wondering how you might join this fad. The answer is quite simple; do your research and ditch old habits. Maybe you work for a company who prints out paper like it’s their job, and… read more

Paper or Electronic?

Paper or Electronic

eReading is on the rise. With arguments about which is better for the environment, there is also the consideration about which is best for beginner readers. Smart electronic use, like unplugging items when not using to save power, combined with energy efficient gadgetry may make digital appear a better choice when placed up against stacks of paper made books. Although it is hard to determine just how much paper goes into one book, according to Paper University it takes about one pallet, or cord of uncut hardwood to make 942 hard cover books with around 100 pages. Though it appears… read more