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Scrooser: Modern Lifestyle Electric City Scooter

Scrooser: The Modern Lifestyle Electric City Scooter

Finally, there’s an electric scooter that adults won’t feel embarrassed to ride. Looking like something taken straight from the playground and put through an enlarger, the Scrooser is a big-wheeled electric assist scooter that has been dubbed a “modern lifestyle city scooter”. The Scrooser has the configuration of an old-school kick scooter, except scaled up to an adult size and featuring big fat tires that are said to enable a ride akin to surfing or snowboarding. The scooter isn’t a “step aboard and hit the throttle” type of transportation option, but instead it assists the rider’s efforts with an impulse… read more

Reasons For Electric Cars


Electric cars were dominant in the late 19 and 20th century until the internal combustion engine was invented and gasoline was mass produced. Due to the recent petrol price hike and the limited availability of fossil fuels, electric cars have again grabbed the attention of many. The following are some reasons why you should consider buying an electric car. Electric cars contribute to health and the environment: As they use electricity as fuel, there are zero emissions. In fact electric cars don’t even have a tailpipe. By driving an electric car you are creating a healthy and quality environment. Green charging:… read more

Tomorrow’s Railway

ET3 high speed transport

The iconic image of diesel-powered trains, both past and present, resembles that of a dying transportation model. Since the early 1800’s, when steam-powered locomotives replaced horse-drawn wagons as the popular means of travel, people have utilized trains for a variety of transportation purposes. But as society grows and evolves, so too do our conveyance needs. Enter a futuristic means of travel called ET3, or Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies. Essentially, this technology is a mode of vacuum travel, much like hurtling through space in a ship; completely frictionless and extremely fast. Imagine being able to travel from Washington D.C. to Beijing… read more