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The Science Behind Smog — What Causes It?


In a Caltech laboratory in Pasadena, California, scientists work to discover just what causes that low-flying haze that is the bane of city drivers worldwide. This short video gives you an insight into their findings, so the next time your child asks you why it’s so “foggy” outside, you can explain the science in full.

Plug It In

Plug It In

  Not many events celebrate a mass amount of people plugging in for an electric charge, unless that particular event is National Plug In Day. This annual day of active recognition began in 2011 and the goal is to bring awareness to the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). With main dates taking place this coming September 28th and 29th 2013, depending on the location, at least 75 cities in the U.S. and areas in Mexico and the Netherlands have currently signed up.┬áThe plug in gathering is celebrated with parties, parades, test drives and traveling caravans of full on EVs and… read more