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The versatility of compact scooters


Scooter and motorcycle companies are raising the bar each year for next-generation engineering and design. You’ve seen some pretty cool ideas for hovering scooters and such, but you’ve probably never seen a compact folding scooter. The Moveo Scooter The Moveo is a sleek new innovation in scooter design. It’s able to completely fold down to be carried with you, and it’s quite nice to behold.   The Moveo was created from Antro; a “non-profit Hungarian organization that also designed the wood-framed hybrid Solo car.” The electric Moveo weighs just 63 pounds, which, by vehicle standards, is super light. You probably won’t… read more

This Electric Scooter Uses Your Smartphone as the Dashboard

This Electric Scooter Uses Your Smartphone as the Dashboard

No, it’s not a Tesla (not even close), but its touchscreen dashboard takes a cue from the iconic electric car, by replacing physical knobs and buttons with the user’s smartphone. Terra Motors A4000i is being billed as “the world’s first wireless, smartphone-connected e-scooter”, as it uses the rider’s iPhone to display and transmit data from the vehicle. The company’s app will connect using Bluetooth and show the user data about the state of the battery charge, trip information, and soon, navigation information. With a 65 kilometer range, and a top speed of about 65 km/h, the A4000i promises to be… read more

Scrooser: Modern Lifestyle Electric City Scooter

Scrooser: The Modern Lifestyle Electric City Scooter

Finally, there’s an electric scooter that adults won’t feel embarrassed to ride. Looking like something taken straight from the playground and put through an enlarger, the Scrooser is a big-wheeled electric assist scooter that has been dubbed a “modern lifestyle city scooter”. The Scrooser has the configuration of an old-school kick scooter, except scaled up to an adult size and featuring big fat tires that are said to enable a ride akin to surfing or snowboarding. The scooter isn’t a “step aboard and hit the throttle” type of transportation option, but instead it assists the rider’s efforts with an impulse… read more

Solar Scooter Charges Itself While Parked


Electric cars are one of the greenest ways to get around, but they lack a simple method for getting even greener by using solar charging to power them. And because of the size of the batteries on most electric vehicles, building a PV array sized big enough to fully charge them isn’t realistic for most owners. But if your electric vehicle is small enough, using solar energy to power it means that you’re fueling it for free, forever. One such contender for a super-green urban commuting vehicle is this personal Solar Electric Scooter. The Solar Electric Scooter is said to… read more

Foldable Electric Scooter is Small Enough to Take Anywhere

Foldable scooter

For the ultimate in city commuting, a prototype electric scooter that folds up into the size of a small suitcase might be the just the ticket. For a greener commute, many people are starting to choose bicycles and public transport when traveling within the city, while electric alternatives, such as the Segway, haven’t seen very wide adoption yet. But if a new personal electric scooter, the MUV-e, goes from prototype to production, that could very well change. One of the drawbacks to the Segway models, other than the high price and the need to learn how to ride one, is… read more

Zipcar for scooters

Scoot Networks

A startup called Scoot Networks has launched a Zipcar-style sharing network for electric scooters. The company is a graduate of the Greenstart accelerator program which is focused on incubating startups in the intersection of green and IT. Scoot Networks is building a fleet of smart-phone-enabled, 30 MPH (50 km/h), electric, Vespa-style scooters offered in a convenient, bicycle sharing-type system. They will be available on-demand throughout major cities and priced competitively with taxis and public transit. Shared electric motor-scooters have the optimal combination of speed, cost, convenience, and sustainability for the BILLIONS of intra-urban trips that take place every day in… read more