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How To: Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle


DIY’ers, we’re back again with another awesome tutorial on how to build your very own electric motorcycle. This time around, it’s a fairly simple 3-Step process: Step 1: Watch the video. Step 2: Follow the steps from the video. Step 3: Motor around town on your wicked awesome electric bike and inspire a DIY eco-project following. But wait, there’s more! You’ll practically become a legend among the other town-folk who elected to go the simple route and actually buy their bikes. You’ll learn important practical skills, including electrical engineering, soldering, welding, and wiring, along with feeling a tremendous amount of self-accomplishment… read more

A Motorcycle That Charges In 10 Minutes

Nivach Electric Motorbike

Nobody likes waiting for things anymore. It’s not that we’ve lost our patience, it’s just that we’ve become accustomed to getting things when we want them. You press a button, your computer turns on. You ask a question, Google Now gives you the answer. You want food, McDonald’s is right around the corner. The general idea is that we’re speeding up our society. Is that a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Only time will tell. Currently, pumping gasoline into your vehicle is the primary fuel source for the majority of our vehicles. For those few that have upgraded… read more

An Innovative Motorbike

Lit Motor's gyroscopic motorbike

If you live in the San Francisco area, then you may have seen one of Lit Motors’ electric motorcycle’s driving around town. The U.S. based automotive manufacturer recently unveiled their C-1 electric motorbike to the public, and it’s stirring up quite a storm. What makes the C-1 a unique standout in the industry, besides its electric 8-10 kilowatt battery, is the gyroscope built into each model. This allows the motorbike to maintain an upright position at all times, whether driving or stopping at the intersection. Much like a Segway, the gyroscope balances the vehicle electronically, and can even prevent it… read more