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Electric Car Battery Swapping Startup Folds

Electric Car Battery Swapping Startup Folds

A company that wanted to disrupt the electric car market through providing quick battery swapping at its network of charging stations is closing its doors and being liquidated. Better Place, the Israeli electric car infrastructure company, aimed to deliver a tech solution for a greener alternative to fossil fuel transportation through a full electric car ecosystem. The Better Place model focused on overcoming the main challenges to wider acceptance of electric vehicles, from the high cost and limited range of EVs to concerns about long charging times. The company’s vision started at the car, in this case a “switchable-battery” Renault… read more

Tesla Motors Pays Off Government Loans 9 Years Early

Image from Tesla Motors

In a time when some green and clean tech investments have been going up in smoke, one company is showing the reverse of that by not only paying off their government loans, but doing it years ahead of schedule. Tesla Motors, which received a $465 million US Department of Energy (DOE) loan in 2010 as part of the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program, just wired almost $451.8 million to pay off the entire balance of the loan. This makes Tesla the only US car company to have fully repaid their loans to the government. “I would like to thank the… read more

Tesla Model S Takes Top Score from Consumer Reports

Tesla Model S

According to Consumer Reports, the top scoring car model in the world is the Tesla Model S, which is really saying something, considering how recently electric cars have entered the market. “The Tesla Model S takes everything you know about cars and stands it on its head.” – Consumer Reports While the reviewers did take issue with the price ($60 to $94,000 USD) and the time needed to recharge it (five hours), it seems as if the Model S is their dream car: “It’s a very agile, super-quick electric luxury sedan (with a hatchback!) that seats seven and gets the… read more

10 Green Tech Trends to Watch in 2013

10 Green Tech Trends 2013

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a large number of green and clean tech concepts go from idea to prototype to finished product, and because of the many environmental challenges (and consequent opportunities) facing us, it seems as if that trend is set to continue in the near future. A revolution in green materials has been entering the consumer market, with products made from recycled and eco-friendly components appearing in everything from food packaging to automobile interiors, and many customers want to see more of that. Some of the innovations that could also have a big potential… read more

Anticipation Builds for the World Solar Challenge


The World Solar Challenge is a competition that tests the skills of both solar and non-solar electric powered cars. Taking place every other year, participants from around the globe partake in a race, with a 3000-kilometer route descending from Australia’s northern territory to its southern city of Adelaide. Beyond the excitement this event fosters, the route serves as a fertile testing ground where these energy-efficient trailblazers can endure real to life driving conditions. This year’s race will mark the introduction of four separate vehicle classes for which a car may qualify. Different classes will be evaluated on their speed, external… read more

All-Electric Fiat 500e Coming to California This Summer

2013 Fiat 500e

For Californians, there will soon to be another option for buying an affordable and efficient electric car, as Fiat has announced the availability of their all-electric Fiat 500e by this summer. According to Fiat, this little EV will be listed for about $32,500 USD when it comes available, and for state residents that qualify for rebates from Fiat and federal and state incentives, the cost could be as low as $20,500. The 500e is a four-seater rated at 115 MPGe, with an estimated 87 mile range, which is decent for a city or urban commuter car, but not quite long… read more

Detroit Electric Claims Fastest Production Electric Car


There’s a new (old) kid on the block, as Detroit Electric launches its limited edition SP:01 electric sports car, said to be the fastest electric production car available. Detroit Electric originally produced their first electric vehicle in 1907, which became popular over the next several years, and between then and 1939 the company produced 13,000 electric cars (even Henry Ford’s wife drove one). Fast forward some 70 years, and Detroit Electric gets re-launched by Albert Lam (former CEO of Lotus Engineering Group), and now is moving the electric car market ahead with this road rocket. The Detroit Electric SP:01 is… read more

Zelectric Turns Classic VW Beetles into Electric Cars

Zelectric Bug

Instead of designing a whole new vehicle to produce an electric car, one company is retrofitting classic VW Beetles with electric drivetrains, letting style-conscious drivers get behind the wheel of a (now) zero-emissions icon. The auto world is turning out all sorts of new designs for electric vehicles, with some being modifications of existing new car models, and others designing them from the ground up. But there are a lot of great pre-owned classic cars that could be a good fit for an electric vehicle conversion, including the 60s era VW Beetle. Zelectric, out of San Diego, California, offers investment-grade… read more

Mercedes Premieres New B-Class Electric Car

Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive

The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, combining world-class luxury with zero emissions transport, recently made its debut at the 2013 New York International Auto Show and will be available in the U.S.A in early 2014. This all electric vehicle can direct over 100 kW of power to its wheels (equivalent to the power available from a 3 liter conventional gasoline engine), features a range of about 115 miles, and can go from 0-60 mph in under 10 seconds. The Electric Drive is based on the company’s popular B-Class model, a four-door, five-seat hatchback, which will be only available in the… read more

New Luxury Electric Car Prototype Launched

Pariss Electric

For the electric car enthusiast that also wants luxury and performance in their car, the release at the Geneva Auto Show of a prototype from Pariss Electric is exciting news. After all, why should an electric car, which is already unique in other ways, look like just another sedan? Why not integrate the best of electric vehicle design, performance engineering, and luxury features, into a single distinctive model? The Pariss 2013 Prototype is built on a lightweight tubular steel frame (total weight is 1650 lbs.) with a composite body, and is essentially all-wheel drive, with two electric motors, totaling 100… read more