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Toyota’s i-Road Concept Is Vehicle Of The Future


At the recent CES convention in Las Vegas, the Verge’s Joshua Topolsky got a chance to test drive Toyota’s new i-Road concept. Half motorcycle, half electric car, the i-Road is a unique creature in its own right. Check out the video: The i-Road will almost certainly never be sold in the United States, but Toyota plans to roll it out in select European and Asian markets, meaning they’re moving on the right track towards innovating the car market. With a futuristic dashboard, two-seat capacity, zero fuel emissions, and an updated mechanism for turning, the i-Road is the miniature car to… read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Co-Founds Electric Car Racing Team

Leonardo DiCaprio Co-Founds Electric Car Racing Team

Some of the biggest advances in technology come from competition and specialized industries, and car tech is no exception. The techniques and materials once only used for race cars are now found in production models, making them lighter, safer, and more efficient for the rest of us. And with the trend toward electric vehicles as a greener transportation method, the more electric cars and racing teams that hit the track, the better the technology for consumer cars gets. One big event in electric car racing is the FIA Formula E Championship, an all-electric racing series that begins next year with… read more

Manhole Covers Will Soon Charge Your Car


New York, the city where literally everything cool, fascinating, and/or groundbreaking happens (Hollywood told me, so it must be true), has gone ahead and stepped up their reputation as innovators by installing new eco-friendly technology for electric vehicles. The innovation in question is high-tech manhole covers that wirelessly charge your car while it sits parked above them. The pilot program for this technology is slated to begin in New York next year. Depending on its success and dependability, it could see a major rollout, possibly even nationwide. HEVO, a New York city startup company, came up with the idea and is… read more

Driving Options For All

The Wheel Chair Accessible Car

For most wheelchair users a modified vehicle costing up to $80,000 is their only option. Such financial challenges have barred many wheelchair users from driving a car at all, and eco-friendly transport was surely out of the question. Then along came the Kenguru, the first low-speed electric vehicle designed specifically for wheelchair users. The Kenguru (pronounced “kangaroo”) can accommodate one passenger seated in his or her wheelchair for a range of up to 60 miles. The Kenguru has only a single door to the rear of the vehicle for direct wheelchair access. It’s opened by remote control. Inside the driver… read more

Tiny Electric Car Folds In Half to Park

Tiny Electric Car Folds In Half to Park

What’s better than an electric car for city driving? An electric car that can fold itself in half and park just about anywhere. Inspired by the design of the armadillo, which can roll itself up into a ball when threatened, a team of researchers at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a small foldable electric car for urban transportation. The Armadillo-T can shrink from its original length of 2.8 meters to just 1.65 meters when it’s folded up, allowing it to fit into just one-third of a normal parking spot. The two-seater vehicle is powered by… read more

UNSW Team Unveils “Practical” Solar Electric Car

UNSW Team Unveils "Practical" Solar Electric Car

The UNSW Solar Racing Team, also known as Sunswift, has just unveiled their entry into this year’s World Solar Challenge, and its design is a bit of a departure from the traditional single-seaters that get designed for this challenging race. Instead of a vehicle that would look right at home in a sci-fi movie, the team at Sunswift built their latest solar car with a sporty two-door design that could be a candidate for the practical solar car of the future. “Boasting zero-emissions, the solar-powered beauty leans towards private transport applications, standing with the potential to be Australia’s first practical… read more

How To Convert Your Car Into An Electric Vehicle


With bigger and better electric vehicles debuting on a regular basis, you’re probably starting to feel the pressure to upgrade to a more eco-friendly mode of transport, i.e. the Tesla Model S. Unfortunately for most of us with moderate budgets, going out and buying a new vehicle just isn’t an option, even with government subsidies. Luckily, there are tons of tools readily available to help us convert our own cars into environmentally-friendly street vehicles. And if the DIY scene isn’t your thing, take a look at our article on quick tips to green up your car. Here’s Part 1 of a series… read more

2014 Chevy Volt is $5000 Cheaper


One of the big stumbling blocks for many people who might be inclined to buy an electric vehicle is the price tag, but a recent move by Chevy may put more of their Volts in the hands of the public. According to GM, customers can get a discount on the 2014 Volt models, which would reduce the base price of the vehicles down to $35,000. With additional government rebates, that price could drop to as low as $27,500, which is much more affordable than the original $40,000 price. “We have made great strides in reducing costs as we gain experience… read more

Inside The Tesla Factory


Tesla Motors, the company behind the award-winning ‘Tesla Model S‘ electric car, gave a behind-the-scenes exclusive to Wired magazine a few weeks ago. They displayed their latest robotic assembly line, and discussed how car companies will soon adopt their efficient construction model. Below is a video showing us how the company manufactures their eco-friendly cars. It’s revolutionary, to be sure. Have a thought? Share it in the comments below.

BMW Releases First Mass-Production Electric Car


The mass-production electric car market is about to get more competitive, thanks to the launch of the 2014 BMW i3 this week. The i3, which is expected to retail for a base price of $41,350 (before incentives) when it is released in the US in Q2 of 2014, offers a driving range of up to 100 miles on its 170 hp electric motor, with a 3 hour charge time (for 220V 32A charges). Featuring a 22 kWh Li-Ion battery and the option for a gas-powered range extender (for charging, not locomotion), the i3 could be a serious contender for the… read more