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Ridekick Trailer Converts Any Bicycle into an E-Bike


If you’ve already got a great bike that you love, but you also want the benefits of an electric bike, a new kind of bicycle trailer might be able to give you a boost when you need it. Converting a conventional bicycle to an electric bike isn’t simple or easy, and most of the time, people just end up buying an e-bike instead. But with the Ridekick, any bike can become an electric bike, just by attaching the trailer to the frame of your favorite bike. The Ridekick trailer has an electric-assist 500 W motor and 12 Amp-hour battery pack… read more

Sporty Swiss E-bike Tops 30 MPH

Stromer ST1

More and more people are choosing bicycles for transportation these days, and some of those are commuters who are using e-bikes for their daily ride. Making the switch to an electric bike can make a lot of sense for some riders, and so a growing number of companies are producing their own version of an electric bike, such as this one, by the Swiss company Stromer. Stromer’s ST1 doesn’t look like an e-bike at first glance, as there is nothing obviously different about it, and the design looks like it would be right at home among a bunch of other… read more

Best new electric bike


Get to the office grease and sweat free on a lightweight, folding electric bike