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A drone for you, and a drone for me


By the year 2015, drones will be allowed to take to the skies above standard U.S. airspace. The FAA estimates that approximately 7,500 drones will flood the skies when the law goes into effect. Already, colleges that offer courses in drone piloting have filled up with applicants hoping to become part of the 1st generation of private drone pilots, with salaries expected to stretch into the six-figure range. So what are drones good for, and should you be worried? To answer your first question, drones are particularly great at a wide range of dangerous flying, such as surveillance over areas… read more

Build Your Own Electric Airplane Kit: $40K


If you’ve ever wanted to build your own electric airplane, you’re in luck, because GreenWing International is offering their eSpyder in the US for just a touch under $40K. This experimental amateur-built kit features a quiet, clean, electric propulsion system putting out 32 hp to its single prop. “The Yuneec PowerDrive 24 propulsion system uses the best technologies to create an integrated system of: Motor, Motor Controller, Battery, and Charger to optimize performance, making electric flying simple and fun. The 24KW (32hp) powerplant quietly propels the plane while the Motor Controller efficiently delivers power from the battery. The eSpyder uses… read more

Solar Airplane Set for Fuel-Free Flight Across U.S.

Solar Impulse 2013

The team behind last year’s successful intercontinental solar airplane flight, are planning to fly across the United States beginning in May, powered solely by the sun. The team behind the Solar Impulse project, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, have seen successful flights from Spain to Morrocco in 2012 with their solar plane, proving the viability of both the concept of solar flight, as well as the design of their aircraft. The team plans to launch the Solar Impulse Across America 2013 by taking off from San Francisco in early May, and flying across the country to New York City over… read more