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Be Active Not Passive

Be Active Not Passive

Environmental protection and promotion is on a steady rise globally, the incessant rise is due to a variety of factors one of which is environmental activism. Environmental activism plays an important role in environmental conservation. One of the important functions of environmental activism is raising awareness to persistent and rising issues that affect the environment, in particular human induced issues. Awareness works in favour of environmental conservation in that it often opens up issues that may be considered sensitive in political circles. Thus at the very least, activism will ensure that all parties concerned are cognisant of emerging issues, regardless… read more

Environmental Records

President Obama's Environmental Record

While it is still too close to assume anything, including a President Obama victory in the November elections, it can be assumed the environmental policies established under the Obama administration will be continued and built upon in a second term. Unfortunately, progress on environmental policy has been difficult given the continual feud between the administration and the House of Representatives, but President Obama has utilized his authority to exercise executive powers to instigate the most sweeping attack on air pollution in U.S. history. He has imposed the first carbon-dioxide limits on new power plants, steered billions of federal dollars to… read more

Campaign Climate Silence

Campaign Silent On Climate

After the presidential debate ended last night, severe disappointment set in amongst many who had hoped climate change and the environment would be discussed. Despite over 160,000 signatures calling on moderator Jim Lehrer to ask the candidates about climate change, it wasn’t brought up at all. The closest any of them got to talking about it was Mitt Romney lying about gas prices and promoting the Keystone XL pipeline, and President Obama touting his “all-the-above” energy policy. It would nice if the reason was there “wasn’t enough time to get to climate change”, or there were “more pressing issues to… read more

Carbon Tax Coming?

Carbon Tax COming?

A new report released Tuesday by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) shows that a carbon tax of $20 per ton which rises 5.6% annually could halve the projected 10-year deficit—from $2.3 billion to $1.2 billion. In the first year alone, the CRS estimates the tax could generate $90 billion. However, there is a catch: it is possible the generated revenue would not go entirely toward debt reduction, and instead go back into the industry in one way or another. Groups of people who disproportionately bear the carbon price might have revenue “recycled”; some revenue may be offset by lowering the payroll… read more

Prompt Action Required


Environmental policy, like many other areas of legislation, is not exempt from the slow-moving nature of the American government. As a result, it is difficult to convey the need for prompt action, especially in the case of progressive environmental legislation. However, America is in a situation which demands immediate action. Former Governor Mitt Romney presented his energy plan last week in Hobbs, New Mexico, and called for a boost in oil exploration along the East coast. In addition, he would reverse the suspension of oil drilling off of the coast of Virginia, which was handed down by President Obama following… read more

Romney v Environment

Romney V Environment

At his foundation, Mitt Romney does not think the hazards posed by climate change are anything to be concerned about, and instead is solely concerned with the individual and their family. During his speech last night at the Republican National Convention, Romney said: “President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans—and to heal the planet. MY promise is to help you and your family.” The audience broke into an agreeing laughter mid-comment, and applauded at the end. This comment breaks down in multiple ways, but there are two important fractures that epitomize Romney and his strategy of lies…. read more