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Fall House With Copper Exterior (And Killer Views)

Fall House With Copper Exterior (And Killer Views)

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to own a vacation home. Which is probably why appreciating images of gorgeous spots meant for relaxing can be appealing. One for the eyes is called the Fall House from Fougeron Architecture. Located in California on Big Sur, this dramatic home is affixed in the cliffs along the rugged coastline. Implanted in the landscape, there is a distinctive view of the Pacific Ocean in this yard. The frame of the home was positioned to naturally lay with the site, so it offers curves and shapes instead of a boxed-in form. The load bearing portion of… read more

An Open World Is Wonderfully Terrifying


The world is becoming ever more connected with each passing second. While you were sleeping last night, 227,792 new internet users were added somewhere around the globe. A whopping 2.3 billion people, or 1/3 of our planet’s population, access the internet almost everyday. This presents a whole bunch of possibilities for the future, along with a host of potential problems. We all know (or should know) about cloud computing, and how it will be utilized in the years to come. People will continue their mass exodus from local storage and move their data online, along with computer, tablet, and phone operating systems becoming… read more

Bee Hunting Threats

Bee Hunters

Bee hunting and honey harvesting are social activities that most young men will experience growing up in rural Swaziland. Honey bees are not only a food source, but they also provide an opportunity for young men to show how brave they are by partaking in the social activity of bee hunting. Hunting for bees has been customary to Swazis for a long time, it is a skill that is passed from one generation to the next. The manner in which honey is harvested has evolved over time, the older generation used a certain type of wood to immobilise bees in… read more