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DIY Touchscreen Table For Under $200


Do you have a dusty collection of old/unused computer parts you’re thinking of getting rid of? How about turning them into something totally epic instead? This DIY project rates an 8/10 on our difficulty scale (and the mediocre quality of the build video doesn’t help), but the project is completely doable (aka I’ve got my own table back home from watching this video). If you need more help, you can always visit the forums. Anyways, check this video out. If it’ll keep more chunks of computer parts out of the landfill, and provide you with an awesome new computer interface,… read more

Tips To Creating A Winning Science Fair Project


Science Fair is a time of creativity, inventiveness, and educational prowess. It’s also a potential gateway towards receiving a college scholarship in the field of science. Finding the right idea to submit to your science fair isn’t always easy, especially if your resources are limited. Google and Intel teamed up to share their thoughts on what makes a truly winnable science fair project. We’ve broken down their tips into a few helpful steps to get you on your ways towards building a successful project. Step One: Start Brainstorming Early To gain a competitive edge against the others around you, start… read more