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What’s Next For Sochi?


The Olympics are finally over. Maybe your countries athletes performed admirably, or perhaps they didn’t quite live up to expectations. Whatever the case, Russia now has some major cleaning up to do. You may have heard about their trashing of villages near the construction of the Olympic Stadium. Nobody really reacted to this news like they did upon hearing how China was displacing homeless people in anticipation of the 2008 Summer Olympics. This should concern you. While “politics as usual” is nothing new, especially when it comes to environmental politics, this is a clear cut example of letting things slip… read more

Google’s Ray Kurzweil Predicts The Future


Ray Kurzweil, Google’s new technology guru, has been a “prophet”, if you will, of tech trends for the past 30 years. He correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the importance of the internet in everyday use, the day when computers would outsmart humans, and much more. Last year, Google appointed him to be their Director of Engineering, and basically gave him free reign to create whatever magical devices his super brain thought up. Recently, he shared some of his future predictions with the world, along with a tentative timeline of when he thought we’d see them start happening…. read more

These Five Foods Don’t Have A Shelf Life


In our modern times of artificial preservation, these five natural foods defy the space-time continuum and keep unspoiled through the ages. Honey Discovered in the tombs of ancient Egyptian pyramids were found pots of honey, all of them several thousand years old but still edible today. The honey had been covered securely in their pots, which definitely played a contributing factor in its seemingly eternal shelf life. Since honey is a sugar, its chemical properties allow it to suck up moisture in the most dry of areas, where organisms that could spoil the honey would not be able to survive… read more

Quick Tips To Green Up Your Car


Seeing cars spew pollution from their tailpipes is a sad sight. It’s even worse if you know that awful polluted smell is coming from your vehicle. Take a look at these simple, quick solutions to make your car more eco-friendly on the road. Get A Tune-Up Making sure you’re keeping constant maintenance of your engine goes a long way towards reducing the levels of pollution your car puts out. It can also increase your mileage, and keep your car running longer and healthier. Remove Your Roof Rack If you’re not using it, then why keep it on there? Roof racks… read more

Best Eco-Living Books

Eco-friendly books

Finding advice on just about any topic imaginable really isn’t all that hard through the power of Google. However, discovering well-thought and intelligently written information is kind of hard these days. The following is a list of helpful and constructive books on living “off the grid” and creating a utopia of eco-conservation. From growing your own food, to living in the big city, these guidebooks are for everyone. Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways To Save The Earth And Get Rich Trying – This instructive novel by authors David Bach and Hillary Rosner delivers on its promise to educate… read more