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Shopping Online, The Green Way

Online shopping

The internet has revolutionized buying goods and shopping – with an internet connection and a credit card the latest products from around the world are just a click away. A  website was launched by Amazon, offering only eco-friendly products. www.vine.com only sells green products, apparel, accessories, organic foods, cleaning supplies to name a few. Vine.com strictly sells products which are either natural, organic, self-powering or products which make your home healthy. Products sold on vine.com are not labelled “natural” just as a marketing ploy. All the vendors who wish to sell products must verify that their products meet required standards and that… read more

What Sways Our Shopping Behavior? Is It Green?

Are we swayed by buying green?

With more and more opting for greener lifestyles, environmental concerns are obviously the driving factor. The request and popularity of green merchandise has compelled companies to listen, making more choices available. However, with increased exposure and demand is there also a silent cost added to the consumer? Are we being tricked into thinking we need to have all the latest in green gear in order to do our part and be environmentally responsible? Does our need to accrue better products precede our need to be more mindful of what being environmentally accountable is more capable of, instead of only what can… read more