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Cloud-Like Summer Pavilion Graces London

Cloud-Like Summer Pavilion Pops Up in London

Each year, the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Kensington Gardens invites an architect to design a temporary pavilion in the park. The structure will be up all summer, enjoyed by Londoners and tourists, and will be hosting a variety of events through out the summer. This year is the turn of Japanese Sou Fujimoto, a 41-year-old who is the youngest architect to accept one of the world’s most sought after (but unpaid) commissions. Fujimoto’s nebulous design is a gorgeous cloud-like structure made from a network of steel poles that stretch over 350 square meters creating a playful, geometric and translucent structure… read more

Using Silkworms To Create Buildings


The 3-D printing industry is set to become the next big architectural trend. You should not be asking yourselves “how” but rather, “how could it not?” With printers dropping in price from $2k – $10k when they first debuted, to just a little over a couple hundred dollars today, everyone can now own a personal insta-creating device. Schools, manufacturing companies, hospitals, and more have begun adapting to the new world of construction. These devices are already remarkably eco-friendly themselves, but what about something even more green? Does it exist? The answer is yes, and you can find it in Asia… read more

Sustainable Buildings

Chengdu city prototype

Green Architecture has become the new fad in modern construction. Simply installing eco-friendly outlet plugs and energy filters isn’t enough anymore. Nowadays, expect to see solar panels, wind turbines, natural/recyclable building materials, and more coming to a neighborhood near you. One of the more well-known proponents for a natural architecture revolution is a company called Earthship Biotecture. They offer a wide range of residences, from single individual and large family size, to commercial structure and disaster management projects. Most of their developments are in rural and desert areas, but they hope to expand their reach to more populated communities soon…. read more