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Exploring Possibilities in Smart Clothing Design

Exploring Possibilities in Smart Clothing Design

The buzz swirling around the field of the smart clothing is constant as new technologies are developed, advanced and applied. A project called The Next Black is a film created and produced by AEG, a home appliance company, that is focused on how to make clothing manufacturing more ecological. Have a peek at the film: Several sustainably minded designers are featured in the video. Biocouture Ltd. is an innovative development in the market that uses an organic outlook in combination with a scientific approach to clothing. An exciting facet in garment production called biodesign integrates ways that allow types of grow your own clothing with natural processes…. read more

The Crown Of Spring

The Crown Of Spring

Handmade floral headbands made with fresh or crafted flowers are a nod to spring and reawakening. These require few materials and can be made using items from around the house and flowers or other natural items from outdoors. Also, other choices for decorative materials, like recycled papers or fabrics can be used to make them. The crowns can be made in any size and can be tailored for children and adults. They also make great gifts, and little hands can learn how to craft them too. They make sweet gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day and other special events. If making… read more

Lazy Laundry Or Smart Clothing?

Lazy Laundry Or Smart Clothing?

If you abhor dingy looking clothing, hate stains and don’t like doing laundry in general, then hold tight, this t-shirt may grab your attention. Just hot off the funding shelf at Kickstarter, the Silic t-shirt is designed to keep itself clean. The shirt uses what is referred to as hydrophobic nanotechnology, which works to effectively repel liquids from clothing. Using a hydrophobic textile which has built in nanotechnology that is microscopically woven into the fibers, the fabric contains layers of silica particles. This causes deposits of air to build up between the fabric and any spilled liquids. Therefore moisture does… read more

iPad Must-Haves

iPad accessories

All the new mobile, electronic devices in our lives require personalization and a huge market for electronic accessories has arrived to meet our need to shop. The stylish eco-friendly buyer can now look to some of the following companies who are providing clever designs for your iPad. The Kork 2 is an iPad case by Aprodukt and is entirely made of recycled cork. This case is completely recycled.  The Kork 2 integrates the Apple smart cover for all around protection. Complete with tray mode, Kork 2 will give the natural look along with the sustainability for the environment. The Plaid… read more

Winter Whites

Winter Whites

Wearing white in winter can celebrate the season, and some designers with an ecofriendly focus know how to do it right. These cold weather fashions were seen at the Vegan Eco Fashion Label Vaute Couture show this season. This dress was refashioned using recycled satin. An organic print shirt. From the founder of Vaute Couture designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, this vegan friendly coat is completely elegant. Vaute Couture, who partners with several animal rights and rescue organizations, uses low impact and ecologically conscious fabrics in their designs. Their Fair Trade and vegan selections use materials like bamboo jersey and organic cotton, moleskin and… read more

Recycled Fashion Items

Recycled and Fabulous

Handmade products have a unique presence in fashion. Most handmade products have less of a carbon footprint and can be composed of recycled materials. Here are a few interesting handmade accessories designed from recycled materials. Over at Terracycle they use waste wrappers such as M&M’s, Lunchables, and Capri sun’s to make designer upcycled bags. They use a program called the Brigade that encourages schools to collect waste and send it in to earn money for school funds; individuals can also participate. Terracycle’s products are offered at most Targets and Wal-Mart’s. Another uprising trend is the swanky pull tab purses. At… read more

Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

Morgan Fisher from bortolamigallery.com

The significance of color can be seen in research on mood and behavior. Everyone from color theorists to someone just wanting to change the look of a room in their home can relate to how colors can make you feel. We may navigate to colors in our surroundings to favorite ones in wardrobe choices. Colors can inspire and motivate, whether we realize it or not. The Pantone Matching System showcases a wide variety of colors that are used mostly in printing, but can also be applied to a range of arenas, including paints, plastics and fabrics. Their recent fashion color… read more

Specs with Style and Sustainability

Eco Friendly Specs

Environmentally fashion trends are on the rise and what better way to tap into the zeitgeist than with a pair of stylish sunglasses that are sustainable. Modo’s line Eco is produced from recycled metal and plastic. In addition to using recycled materials Eco plants a tree for every frame sold. Eco works to use donated frames to help those in need around the world. Schwood frames are composed of cherry and zebra wood.  These frames are handcrafted for a unique finish. Schwood tries to keep the natural essence of the wood by preserving the frame. Schwood comes in many designs such… read more

DIY Fashion T-Shirts


Do you have any blank t-shirts (or sweatshirts for that matter) that you’re thinking of getting rid of? Or maybe you’d just like to insert some spontaneity and randomness into your life? This video will help you achieve both those goals. Fashion t-shirts are all the rage this year (actually every year, if we’re being honest), which means some companies feel the need to jack their prices up. Rather than waste money on those shirts, you can both save money and reuse your old shirts by creating designs by yourself.

Extreme Green Designs


The global move towards sustainability has instigated a burst of creativity and innovation amongst all sectors of design. Whether you seek an efficient alternative to conventional transport or wish to port around humanely crafted fashions, chances are, you’ll be presented with at least a handful options that were invented with the merits of sustainability in mind. Thus, the idea of a green market may not be new to you. There are within each branch of design, however, notable exceptions that boarder on the bizarre.   Bacteria Clothing Biocouture is a UK based design consultant agency, who specializes in merging science… read more