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Build This Renewable Energies Solar Kit


Solar power is a hot topic these days, considering the burgeoning success of eco-friendly companies such as SolarCity, Tesla, and others. Why not take some time out of your day to learn a bit more about the process behind making energy from sunlight? Check it: You can build 6 different experiments with this kit, and it’s not just for kids! From a walking robot, to a wind turbine, this kit will help you explore several areas of solar power you might not otherwise get a chance to learn about. You might even be inspired to look into solar power for… read more

This Guy Left The Internet For 12 Months


It may seem like a simply task in theory, that is, disconnecting yourself from all forms of the interweb. However, I doubt very many people could actually shut out the internet cold-turkey, especially having spent most of their adult lives as users. Paul Miller, a prominent tech blogger, unplugged the cords for 12 months in order to write a book about what life without the internet is like in a world where connectivity is everything. Miller recorded how it affected his personal health, creativity, social life, and more. The Verge caught up with him during the last few hours of… read more

Americans are clueless about fracking


What is fracking, exactly? Is it another way to drop the “f-word”, used in the popular television show Battlestar Galactica? Or is it a controversial drilling method? If you already knew anything about how fracking is related to drilling, then congratulations–you’re ahead of the curve. A new survey initiated by researchers at Oregon State, George Mason, and Yale showed that 58% of Americans had no idea what fracking was. Only about 9% of those surveyed answered that they’d heard “a lot” about fracking, while the majority answered that they didn’t have an opinion on the subject. In the states of… read more

25 Ways To Be Environmentally Conscious


Last week we shared a mind-boggling video from List 25 on the top man-made environmental disasters. This week, we’re going 180 degrees in the opposite direction and linking you to a video on how to be environmentally conscious. Much of the clip below contains simple tips, such as turning off the lights after you leave a room, conserving water, etc. However, some of the tips are pretty ingenious. What did you think? How many new insights did you gain from watching that?

When Science And Art Come Together


Science doesn’t always have to be visualized as the crunching of numbers and data, or a lab full of beakers and white coats. In fact, science is actually quite beautiful (as anyone who’s ever studied science says, “duh!”). Thanks to Fabian Oefner and TED, we have these stunning images of science in action. Check them out: A combustion of alcohol. Sound coming from the surface of speakers. Ferrofluid is a magnetic fluid that looks like this when combined with a magnetic surface and watercolor paint. A beautiful mixture of liquid and spray paint hanging in mid-air. Oil marbles sitting in… read more

5 Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen


Nowadays, finding ways to save money wherever and whenever we can isn’t a trend–it’s a basic instinct. Houses are expensive to maintain each month. On top of all the bills to pay, you have mouths to feed, unforeseen costs, and random life occurrences that convince you that God must have a twisted sense of humor (like that time the freak storm blew your brand new shingles off the roof). To make life easier, you scour the interweb for any tips you can find to keep your wallet that much heavier when payday rolls around. We understand the struggle. Here’s a… read more

Top 5 Educational Youtube Channels


These days, whenever we want the 411 on something, we usually turn to the internet, which almost always involves Youtube or Wikipedia (or both). Here’s a list of 5 educational channels that share everything from science to random facts about life. 5. Popular Science One of the most informative science magazines is also one of the most informative  Youtube channels. Check out their videos to learn more about science, life, history, ecology, and more. 4. Mental Floss While similar to Vsauce in that each episode answers interesting questions, Mental Floss doesn’t quite delve into deep life questions, and actually provides… read more

We’ve Discovered The World’s Oldest Source Of Water


1.5 Billion years old. That’s the estimated age of a new source of water discovered in an underground reservoir beneath Ontario, Canada. It’s brimming with gases and other minerals, and likely houses new life forms we’ve yet to discover. So what’s special about this find? I mean, it’s just water, right? That stuff has been around since before the dinosaurs, so why is this any different? The answer to that question, is that since this water has remained untouched for a billion years, we can study what life was like way, way back in the day, and better understand how our… read more

5 Video Games With An Eco Spin


Gamers, would you like a side of Global Warming with your post-apocalyptic environment? Here are five video games with an ecological focus. 1. A New Beginning This point-and-click PC game from Daedalic Entertainment featured an epic adventure in which you play as a group of characters traversing a world destroyed by Global Warming. The main purpose is to travel back in time to a period before major natural disasters wrecked the land and prevent the events from happening. 2. Spore Finally, a game in which you get to play the Creator of everything. Spore is basically the study of evolution… read more

5 Projects To Connect You With Your Ancestors


We always enjoy writing about DIY projects, because let’s be honest, they’re great fun, educational, and sometimes last longer than cheap store-bought products. This time, however, we’ll ditch the electronics entirely, and focus on projects your great-great-great-great grandfather might have made for fun. Build A Sundial Believe it or not, people used to tell the time by using rudimentary equipment that harnessed the magic of the sun. That’s code for “they didn’t have iPhones back in the day”. In eight easy steps, you too can harness that power in your backyard by following this simple tutorial from WikiHow. Build A… read more