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An Incredibly Insightful YouTube Video


If you have 3-minutes to spare out of your busy day, we encourage you to check this video out. Edited by David Bayliss, the clips are taken from various documentaries about the earth. We’ve created a list of important eco films you should see when you get the chance, so consider this a sneak peak at the beauty you’ll discover by watching them.

5 Eco Films You Need To Watch Right Now


You probably think you know quite a bit about our planet, but the truth is, you really don’t. These five films will blow your mind (which is such a cliche phrase, but totally applies in this case). Check it: Earth This BBC documentary is a long one to be sure, but definitely worth the time to sit down and take an adventure around our planet. Narrated by an epic cast including Patrick Stewart, James Earl Jones, and Ken Watanabe, ‘Earth’ is one documentary to remember. March of The Penguins Follow the annual journey of Emperor Penguins to their breeding grounds…. read more