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25 Largest Man-Made Environmental Disasters


Chernobyl, the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, the Three-Mile Island explosion, and more. How well do you know your history regarding man-made environmental disasters? Educational YouTube channel ‘List 25’ has created a top 25 list that’s sure to leave you wondering how it’s possible for humanity to have screwed up so many different things all around the same time-period. What did you think? How many of those did you already know, and how many were new? It’s a sad fact, but in the next 50 years, most of those will likely be replaced by disasters we’ve yet to experience.

Molasses Spill In Honolulu Spells Marine Disaster


Last Sunday, a molasses pipeline was found to be leaking into the Honolulu Harbor. The amount of molasses floating around the harbor is equal to about a third of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, which might not seem like all that much, but don’t be fooled; once that sticky clump starts to spread, it will begin causing massive damage to the area. One such expected result is an increase in marine algae, which just happens to be a harmful strain of bacteria. The molasses will eventually dilute and be broken down, but that isn’t going to happen until sometime this week,… read more