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Apps To Go Green

Green apps

Applications or Apps have completely invaded our digital world, flooding people with information. Their ability to put so much power and choice in the hands of ordinary consumers has entirely changed human interaction with the world. Therefore as many of these apps can help you to live your life in a more environmentally sustainable way it makes sense to download a few of the following suggested apps to your smartphone. Some of the applications mentioned are free, while others cost between 0.99$ to 6$. Green Meter This iPhone/iPad app simply computes your vehicle’s power and fuel usage characteristics and helps your… read more

Swaziland Unplugs

Swaziland unplugs

Communication is a necessary element of human existence. It is arguably the most treasured ability that humans possess, so much so that there are many modes of communication and as much media. One such media is the telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Many homes and business entities in and around Swaziland have been using, and still use the telephone to communicate with other persons on a daily basis. The demand for telephones continues to rise, despite the popularity of other media such as email, cellular phone and social websites. In the past, a rise in demand meant… read more

Sitting For Too Long Can Kill You


It should come to the surprise of no one that an increased sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to health. What may surprise you is that sitting for too long each day can shave off hours of your expected lifespan and cause many various health complications. Check out this video on the matter of sitting for lengthy periods at a time: So what can be attributed to our sharp increase in sitting more than those in previous generations did? For starters, the shift from jobs that require manual labor to jobs in front of computer screens is partly to blame. It’s not… read more

The Greenwash Guide


Greenwash is alive and well across the globe. Today’s consumers are swamped with “eco-friendly” advertising and marketing messages that simply don’t come clean in the wash. Greenwash occurs when marketers seek to entice customers through unsubstantiated, fabricated or exaggerated environmental claims. In a market economy where the “green dollar” is a powerful force, we are swimming in products and services supposedly rich with environmental or sustainability benefits. But amid all the noise of organisations “going green”, why should we even care whether a few fibs are told along the way? As Futerra say in The Greenwash Guide: “Greenwash isn’t simply… read more

The Process Behind Discovering New Elements


The periodic table of elements is exciting to many, but the bane of high school student’s everywhere. When a new element is announced, the headaches begin all over again. But what really happens when we discover a new element to add to the table? Check it out:

The Fish Oil Craze Is Wiping Out Whale Sharks


If you have fish oil in your home, or use expensive cosmetics, then congratulations — you’re the cause of mass whale shark genocide. OK, so the consumers aren’t at fault here, but it’s clear that the fish oil trend is partially responsible for the looming extinction of the world’s rarest shark. One factory alone in China kills upwards of 600 per year, and pays $31,000 for each shark. Though the oil is taken from the livers of whale, blue, and basking sharks, it is the whale shark whose existence is threatened by this fad. In China, these three species of… read more

Domes For All — An Eco Project


This week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite eco-tech projects that have successfully received funding on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Today’s choice is the ‘Domekit.cc‘ by Effalo. The project is an endeavor to educate people on the usefulness of geodesic structures. Essentially, the project is a website that creates tools for designers to easily build and construct a geodesic dome of their own. With the designs in hand, they can get straight to building the dome with little to no experience necessary. The platform allows the community to share their own designs and ideas for quick and easy public download. Though… read more

Get Outside and Climb a Tree

Climb a Tree

When former US President Ronald Reagan said, “If you’ve seen one redwood tree, you’ve seen them all”, he spoke from a belief system rooted in his disconnection from the natural world. All human communication emerges from belief systems. In the case of environmental communication, beliefs (the complex fusion of feelings and attitudes) inform how we variously see ourselves in relation to the nonhuman world. In an age when environmental beliefs play a critical role in whether society shifts toward sustainability, it’s important to be mindful of our belief systems. Particularly important is the need to be watchful of the environmental… read more

Underground Access Please

Unused subways

Since the invention of automobiles, public transport has declined, even though the need for it remains. Accompanied by ever-accessible highways and interstates, cars have lead to empty subways. Many abandoned subways lie beneath cities today, unbeknownst to some residents. Obviously this is not a problem to those who drive cars but there are still people who either can’t drive or choose not to. And not everyone wants to commute by bus or transit. This is why pedestrians and cyclists would benefit from the creation of lanes separate from major roads, allowing them access to important areas within their city without… read more

Shower and use half of the water

Hollow Water Showers

Taking the steps to reduce water usage when showering or bathing is difficult, especially for those with children or larger households. We search for ways to discipline ourselves and watch our dependency on water, but usually give up and continue on as before. The appliance market is full of “low-flow shower heads” that most of the time end up proving completely useless. Countries with strict water policies, and drought prone nations, could certainly use an alternative option to the numerous faux conservative shower nozzles circulating the retail market. Thankfully, the time of limiting ourselves is nearly over. A New Zealand… read more