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Why All Big Cities Need A Green Push


Smog. What is it good for? Well, absolutely nothing. It is the bane of city drivers worldwide, and it’s not going away without a fight. Change is always hard to swallow, as are hard truths. Without a push from city-dwellers to compel lawmakers to restrict pollution levels in factories, cars, and boats, that haze you find yourself driving through on July mornings is here to stay. Los Angeles, New York City, Cleveland, and San Francisco are some of the United States’ worst offenders (notice that sunny California is listed twice. This shouldn’t surprise you). Los Angeles specifically has a terrible metro system…. read more

A Tower Full Of Gardens


Hong Kong is on a mission to create an eco-city the likes of which has never been attempted before. As such, we’ve seen quite a few beautiful and innovative designs come from conceptual architects. The images below are from ‘The Canopy’ project, also known as “The Only 100% Duplex Apartment Tower With Individual Gardens”. The title is rather self-explanatory, so I’ll just leave these pictures here: Design schematics for the outer view of the building. Design schematics for the 360-degree field of view from the building’s top. 3-D model of the actual concept. Another 3-D concept of the actual building… read more

Pollution-Eating Sidewalk Devours Bad Air


Yes, the pun absolutely was intended. Silly jokes aside, a test in the Netherlands resulted in the creation of a pavement coating that actually reduces pollution nearly by half. For the past year, researchers have been fooling around with the idea that pavement can be used to solve the smog problem plaguing most major cities. The experimentation took place in Hengelo, Netherlands. Concrete blocks smothered in titanium oxide removed 19% of pollution NO and NO2 during the time period of a day, and up to 45% of pollution during the period of a day with normal weather patterns, such as… read more

Tianjin Eco-City

Tianjin eco-city view

Tianjin Eco-City is a fascinating, 30 square kilometer development designed as a model for future developing Chinese cities. As China rapidly modernizes there is a need to create a sustainable city model. Situated 45 kilometers from Tianjin City and 150 kilometers from the Chinese capital of Beijing, the site of the Tianjin Eco-City is just a 10 minutes’ drive from the business parks at the Tianjin Economic-Development Area. The Tianjin Eco-City is expected to house 350,000 residents when the project is fully completed in 2020.  A conscious effort was made not to create a generic city but instead to create… read more