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Tremors in Hawaii

Tremors on Hawaii

Over 30 small earthquakes shook the island of Hawaii in late December 2012. These tremors are signs of magma moving underground, feeding two ongoing eruptions at Kilauea volcano. A sticky, slow-moving stream of lava called pahoehoe is crossing the coastal plain east of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, dripping into the ocean and creating a delta. The lava flow is 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) wide, according to a statement from the U.S Geological Survey’s Hawaii Volcano Observatory. Lava entering the ocean builds lava deltas. The lava delta and adjacent areas are some of the most hazardous areas on the flow field…. read more

Impacts of Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing

Though difficult to determine, the rare earthquakes which occurred in Dallas recently may have been the result of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. It is well known a consequence of fracking is the possibility of earthquakes, but it is not known how powerful an earthquake caused by fracking can be. However, the logistics of fracking seem to create a “perfect storm” situation, where underground shale formations are destroyed, resulting in geological instability under the surface. Further, the most efficient way of getting rid of the wastewater is to pump it back underground where, if a fault-line is present, essentially acts as… read more