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Mobius Loop – The Universal Symbol


The 3-arrowed universal recycling symbol is familiar to many, but its history may not be. Around the same time as the first scheduled Earth Day in April of 1970, a Chicago, Illinois company, then called the Container Corporation of America, held a contest to choose a winning symbol to represent paper recycling. The business, which was a paperboard operation, was the leading user of recycled papers during this time. Open to students in the design or art fields, over 500 submissions were received for the competition. The entries revolved around the theme Environment by Design and were reviewed at a conference… read more

The Soundtracker Wants You To Hear This

The Soundtracker Wants You To Hear This

Earth is a Solar Powered Juke Box – Gordon Hempton Capturing the sounds of nature, acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton has been recording wildlife noises for decades. Referred to as the Soundtracker, Hempton has traveled the globe in order to catch glimpses of nature sounds that may otherwise go unheard. Getting an exclusive sound in the outdoor elements is just another day at the office for this audio adventurer. Sometimes placing himself in dangerous positions to collect the noises or the naturally quiet, his live nature recordings are done using customized equipment with tried and tested methods. For instance, placing sandpaper over… read more

Two Energy Efficiency Apps Go Free for Earth Day

verde energy efficiency apps

One of the simplest and most effective ways for us to lessen our environmental footprint is through home energy efficiency, and in honor of Earth Day, two great mobile apps for guiding that process are available for free. Both apps come from Verde L3C, and can help iPhone/iPad users to make smart decisions in the process of gaining energy efficiency in their own homes. The first app, Verde, aims to educate consumers about their energy use and find the best eco-friendly products for their home, and according to the company, users that follow the suggestions and upgrade to more efficient… read more

The Most Beautiful Video on Earth

NASA ISS Earth at night

The world celebrates Earth Day today, the 22nd of April, with over one billion people taking part, according to Earth Day Network. The theme this year is ‘The Face of Climate Change’, and the idea is that we are all affected in some way by climate change. The impacts are real, not only on the natural environment, but also on people from all walks of life. If you need another reason to celebrate, here’s one. Watch this incredible montage of night-time images from the International Space Station, as produced by Knate Myers. Image Source

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day

The observance of Earth Day began in the U.S. in 1970 as a way for individuals to gather in response to the growing interest in a national environmental movement. Escalating concerns for ecological awareness in both the personal and political arenas were amplified by many during this time. A bit of history from The Old Farmer’s Almanac recounted that proactive John McConnell from California and Gaylord Nelson, then Senator of Wisconsin, both opened the gates for exchange in their local areas. They initiated people to gather together in order to demonstrate their unity over environmental issues. The spring equinox on… read more