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Paper or Electronic?

Paper or Electronic

eReading is on the rise. With arguments about which is better for the environment, there is also the consideration about which is best for beginner readers. Smart electronic use, like unplugging items when not using to save power, combined with energy efficient gadgetry may make digital appear a better choice when placed up against stacks of paper made books. Although it is hard to determine just how much paper goes into one book, according to Paper University it takes about one pallet, or cord of uncut hardwood to make 942 hard cover books with around 100 pages. Though it appears… read more

Fun and Free Early Literacy Activities

Fun and Free Early Literacy Activities

Reading is a powerful skill, and though we largely possess the innate capability to learn it, the majority of us have to be instructed on how to do it. Without guidance and learning basic principles, reading mastery becomes much harder and more less likely. Helping children with their reading and providing them with resources is a great way to add some quality to their downtime. It also offers a way for them to explore new places, learn about life lessons and ecological concepts, all of which help them understand more about the world around them. The following are a few… read more