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It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

Electric motorcycles are nothing new, but to one iconic brand their introduction of a prototype is fresh on their inventory list. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is the new electric kid on the block, and many are surprised at the arrival. Many are also waiting to see how the performance compares to the traditional rides, which are known for their fine-tuned craftsmanship. This e-bike is actually a concept design, which was hand built and looks markedly different than other Harley models. The prototype has not yet been formally named, but is being called Project LiveWire. Specifics about production are still not publicized,… read more

Urban Outfitters to Sell Jetson E-Bikes

Urban Outfitters to Sell Jetson E-Bikes

The popularity of electric bicycles, or e-bikes, and other electrically-powered transport options is beginning to show a bit more, as seen by the announcement that the boutique retailer (and e-tailer) Urban Outfitters will soon be selling Jetson E-Bikes at five of their locations across the U.S.. “The Urban Outfitters shopper is looking for fun, savvy, stylish products that help make their lives more exciting and help them to express their individuality, so this partnership make sense for all parties involved. Electric bikes are quickly becoming the trending transportation alternative for everyone from city dwellers to students living on college campuses.”… read more

Redifining the E-Bike

Redifining the E-bike

PG Bikes, the German-based company, have redefined the electric bike. In their words: They should be faster, more exlcusive, better. While we wait for the 2013 models to be released, the two latest designs by PG Bikes, the BlackBlock 2 and BlackTrail 2, defiantly class themselves as the most exclusive and most expensive e-Bikes around. The BlackBlock 2, known as The Cruiser for its modern classic take on a traditional bicycle, combines lifestyle and riding with mobility and reliability. Now available as an all-wheel-drive model with 2 specially designed motors, it can be controlled by a Smartphone app. The new model,… read more

E-Trikes To Replace Trikes And Bikes in Philippines


In the Philippines, there are currently 3.5 million trikes and motorcycles operating throughout the country, most of which are running on combustion engines. By no accident, there has long been a correlation between the carbon emissions released from these vehicles and the country’s suffering air quality. The Philippines are certainly not the only country to struggle with pollution from vehicles. Worldwide, the transportation sector is responsible for 30 percent of all air pollution. Without a change in transport systems, future pollution rates look rather grim, as global carbon emissions from transportation are expected to increase 200 percent by 2030. To… read more

Sporty Swiss E-bike Tops 30 MPH

Stromer ST1

More and more people are choosing bicycles for transportation these days, and some of those are commuters who are using e-bikes for their daily ride. Making the switch to an electric bike can make a lot of sense for some riders, and so a growing number of companies are producing their own version of an electric bike, such as this one, by the Swiss company Stromer. Stromer’s ST1 doesn’t look like an e-bike at first glance, as there is nothing obviously different about it, and the design looks like it would be right at home among a bunch of other… read more