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A Dry Mississippi?

Mighty Mississippi

It is common knowledge now the United States is experiencing the worst drought in half a century, causing the agricultural and transportation industries major headaches, aside from the negative impacts on the environment. Due to the drought, the water levels in the Mississippi River are close to historic lows, which could shut down all shipping in a matter of weeks. In a strange turn of events, the river has performed a complete 180° shift in the past 18 months—flooding in the spring of 2011 forced thousands to flee their homes, and now the river is dry. Without rain, the drought… read more

Ways Around Waste

Ways Around Waste

In the midst of last year’s drought some crops, such as wheat, have been unaffected. Others, however, have not faired so well. There has been a 13 percent decrease in corn harvested and 12 percent decrease in soybeans harvested compared to those harvested in 2011. Yet many developed countries continue to take food for granted. Nearly one third of all food produced gets thrown away each year. By eating smarter and preserving food we can cut down on the depletion of resources. Fill your plate with roughly half of what you think you’ll eat first. Chances are you aren’t as… read more