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Recycle, Revamp and Reuse

Recycle, Revamp and Reuse

Pretty much everyone has seen pieces of furniture or other unwanted items tossed out to the curb to be picked up and escorted to the landfill. Cleaning and periodically ridding your own space of unused things can be a needed renewal, but before you throw anything out you may want to think about giving it a second life. The Environmental Protection Agency stated that the amount of furniture that is tossed out annually in the U.S. alone is the equivalent of 3 million tons. In 2005, nearly 8.8 million tons of¬†furniture¬†relocated to U.S. landfills. The Environmental Resources Management claims that… read more

Playing Games To Stop Worldwide Hunger


Freerice.com is a site that allows you to feed people in need while testing your skills with a variety of games. Starting is easy. Upon visiting the site’s homepage, there is already a question on display. All you have to do to begin is answer the question and more will follow, with various levels of difficulty. As you play, freerice.com donates 10 grains of rice for every question you answer correctly. You may be wondering how selecting the right answers in an online game translates to rice accumulation. Let me start by saying freerice.com is not stocked with rice enough… read more