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Gifts For Literary Lovers That Aren’t Books

Gifts For Literary Lovers That Aren’t Books

Buying for book lovers can go both ways, it can are either be easy or difficult. If you know their book collection, both actual books and digital reads by heart and know what they would like to add to it, then it is as simple as finding that item. However, if you aren’t certain what they would really like consider a gift that relates to their favorite genre or beloved novel. This eBook jacket featured on Out of Print Clothing is made from the oldest U.S. bookbindery and is a realistic replica of the cover of the classic novel from… read more

These Projects Turn Pillowcases Into Fashion

These Projects Turn Pillowcases Into Fashion

Pillowcases can make the perfect fabric for many projects, including handmade clothing. Often more inexpensive than fabrics, it is also a neat way to utilize old pillowcases that aren’t being used. From girl’s dresses to grownup skirts and blouses, the following are inspiring ideas and patterns for pillowcase fashion designs. Make pajama shorts or lounge pants for kids, like these old-fashioned print pajamas. Not only do they look cute, but they are also comfortable and using a ribbon or a drawstring as the tie allows room for adjusting. This easy pillowcase dress tutorial also has a handy cutting and sizing chart for figuring out… read more

The Power Of Paying It Forward

The Power Of Paying It Forward

The focus in the headlines can often be negative. Although sometimes the kindness of complete strangers can surprisingly pop up, and their unexpected acts can change a pessimistic mood, or in some cases can even change someone’s life. Many studies have been conducted on the widespread effects of performing good deeds, as well as the reasons that individuals do them. One study that examined this found that performing kind acts could actually be attributed to heightened feelings of wellbeing. As other research has also found, those who perform good deeds do tend to be happier, but this study showed that… read more

Umbrellas – Not Just For The Rain

Umbrellas – Not Just For The Rain

Umbrellas come in handy during inclement weather, but their flimsy design can often cause them to fall apart. Some have found durable designs and upcycled uses for them that are creative, but are also weather ready and waterproof. Crafty Moods has a clever idea for less than perfect umbrellas. This do it yourself canopy costs much less than a purchased one and can be personalized. Just affix a sheet, curtain or favored fabric around it by sewing to the end of the umbrella. Or, for a no sew project use a grommet punch and run ribbon or string through the… read more

How to Host a Green Dinner Party

Go Green At Dinner

Putting on a dinner party can be a big event. Even if there are only a few people on the invitation list it can take a lot of planning to produce it. From the decorations to the menu, it can be done with an environmental focus. With a little conscious preparation you can throw a party where your appreciation for guests and sustainably are evident in the details. Usually for a dinner event the focus is on the food, but other ways to save economically and on your ecological output are by using digital invitations instead of traditional paper types,… read more

New Ways to Reuse Trash

Reusing household rubbish

Trash Backwards is a nifty website that works like a search engine, but alas, it is better. The main difference being: instead of typing in inquiries on current events you type in an object’s name and, upon entering, are given ideas on how to reuse it. Though there is a little more to it than that. Below the search box is no standard search button, but three different buttons to select after entering an item’s name. The first of these is the “Reuse It” button, which leads you to up-cycling ideas and their source websites, which contain a lot of… read more

Recycle Cards for Kids

Recycling cards for charity

Sometimes they are discarded as an after-thought, but with the right message a card can be a gift in itself. However, it isn’t necessary to spend a dollar or more a piece on multiple cards every time a holiday or special occasion arrives. Instead, you can recycle your card fronts to make new cards. Better yet, you can donate them to St. Jude’s Ranch, so the kids there can make new cards. Operated by the Kids’ Corp program, at St. Jude’s Ranch children take donated card fronts and attach them to a blank back, making them new again. Every card made is sold for one… read more

Recycling Old Cell Phones

Recycling mobile phones

With insane revolution in both software and hardware, each and every day a new feature and a new model is pushed into the market.  In the early days people use to change bikes or their car when new models arrive but the latest trend is to stand outside the store even 12 hours before the product comes to the store. This is definitely something to be appreciated, but on the other hand when we buy a new high end phone we generally put the old phone to rest somewhere in a drawer along with messy accessories like its chargers or… read more

A Better Place for Books

Library for homeless

We all know how to recycle. It has been implemented over the last few decades and I believe, fully embraced in the last few years. Nowadays, there’s a bin for almost every category of trash. Composts, paper, glass, plastics. You name it, it can be recycled. Even the simple teabag could be separated into three categories. Paper, aluminium and food scraps. All of this awareness and organisation is wonderful. The councils that implement these policies and the community that embrace them are to be lauded. Perhaps, however, an even more sustainable way to recycle products is available to us, and one… read more

Oil Spills

The effect of oil spills in the ocean

The effects of oils spills are devastating. Wildlife are killed or injured which affects the food chain, which in turn affects us. The reasons for oil spills can vary. Ships may have machinery break down or fail which in turn causes a spill. The people managing the ship may have made careless mistakes. Natural disasters may cause an oil spill too. If a hurricane was a couple of miles away, the winds from the hurricane could cause the oil tanker to flip over, pouring oil out and spreading it. Illegal dumpers dump oil into the oceans because they do not want to… read more