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Domes For All — An Eco Project


This week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite eco-tech projects that have successfully received funding on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Today’s choice is the ‘Domekit.cc‘ by Effalo. The project is an endeavor to educate people on the usefulness of geodesic structures. Essentially, the project is a website that creates tools for designers to easily build and construct a geodesic dome of their own. With the designs in hand, they can get straight to building the dome with little to no experience necessary. The platform allows the community to share their own designs and ideas for quick and easy public download. Though… read more

Blast From The Past Designs

Blast From The Past Designs

The work of Michael Jantzen has been on the go-to list for architectural inspiration for quite a while, and many have been talking about his remarkable projects and concept designs over the years. He has been impressing and innovating for several decades, and looking back at some of his earlier projects gives an interesting story into how some of his more current works were developed. In the 1970’s he made a solar vacation house built mostly using unconventional materials like agricultural based parts, reused metals and other salvaged items. The home is made from corrugated metal and features a grain… read more