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Robotic healthcare has arrived

iRobot's healthcare assistance robot

In 2009, the household robot manufacturer iRobot Corp. announced their newest department, iRobot Healthcare. Since then they have remained silent about their developments. Then in 2012 they publicly debuted an amazing teleprescence robot in collaboration with inTouch Health. The robot, christened the iRobot RP-Vita, stands at a height of 5’4″, and has two touch-screen monitors built-in. The Vita works as a remote-controlled robot, and functions using wheels and remote sensors to navigate hallways and avoid obstacles. Rather than directing the robot’s movements using a joystick or similar controller, operators simpy click on the robot’s pre-programmed destinations. iRobot is currently being rented out… read more

New Gel Invention Stops Bleeding Instantly


A ‘Star Trek’ future is nearly upon us. A 20-year old NYU student has invented a gel that heals injured skin almost instantly, stopping blood flow and clotting the wound. Check out the video: As stated in the video, this gel has amazing potential to revolutionize the medical field. For those with naturally thin blood, this gel is a miracle worker. Paramedics will now also be able to stop a patient from bleeding out while on the way to the operating table, as will combat medics, field doctors, etc. We hope to see the gel hit pharmacies in the near… read more