Rice for your Skin?

Rice for your Skin

We know that rice is a healthy addition to a balanced diet. However, it can nourish you externally as well. This is done by applying rice to your skin. Doing so replenishes your skin with vitamins, giving it a luminous glow, while shielding your skin from sun damage. One of the most common ways to apply rice to the skin is in powdered form. Rice powder can be applied in a thin layer beneath foundation or even replace powder foundations altogether. Some beauty supply stores carry rice powder, but you can just as easily make your own. If you have a coffee grinder or food processor handy, use it on… read more

Crafting with Purpose

Cork coasters

There are enough ‘green’ projects to keep one busy for a lifetime. This isn’t a bad thing, I am all for the reuse of materials and as resources become limited it is often a necessity to reuse. However, reusing materials to make crafts with little purpose in themselves creates the same dilemma as the material you were trying to recycle in the first place. When reusing materials, we should keep in mind a purpose for the piece, ensuring it does not endure the same fate one might expect from a piece of macaroni art. This is to say, although it may no doubt receive a proud display at first, with the passing of time it is… read more

Civilization Starter Kit

OSE Logo

The Do-It-Yourself community has a new popular category; build your own farm equipment. It’s called Open Source Ecology, and according to the website, it is a “network of farmers, engineers, and supporters that for the last two years has been creating the Global Village Construction Set…”. Though it began two years ago, the open source project has recently begun receiving widespread popularity and acclaim. In essence, the group’s goal is to make available blueprints and designs for various farm equipment, buildings, tools, and more for the general public to get involved in self-sustainability. And in any case, it’s a great… read more

Garden Centerpieces

Flowers in tree stumps

Removing an old tree stump can be costly, averaging a hundred dollars if you do it yourself  (using a rented stump grinder) and more if you hire a professional to remove it. But the landscaping opportunities a tree stump brings can eliminate the need to dispose of it altogether. Though I don’t recommend chopping down a healthy tree for the sake of ornamental purposes, an existing stump makes a great host to a variety of plants.  Tree stumps can also serve as natural seating or tables. To create a nook for flowers and other plants, make sure you have handy… read more

Re-Purpose Clothing

Repurpose old clothing

With countless DIY (do-it-yourself) projects floating around the internet there really is no reason for old clothing to go into the trash. Here are a few projects you can do at home with old t-shirts. First, take an old shirt and lay it out flat. Starting at the bottom and cutting across the shirt making ½ inch strips until you get to the sleeves. Take the strips and pull until they roll making several loops. Tie the loops together using strips from the remaining shirt from the sleeves and top. For more colors combine two shirts to make a longer,… read more