How the Climate is Shaping the Future of Design


Necessity facilitates innovation, instigating new creations at a progressive speed. Nothing brings about as much need today as that to limit our contribution to climate destruction. One means of doing this persists through the elimination of waste. While waste reduction is often achieved by implementing sensible habits, such as limiting consumption and recycling, there remains an abundance of existing ‘waste’ that needs to be utilized and kept out of landfills. Thus, more designers are using climate change as inspiration to fuel new ideas and concepts in their work. Boutique Designers Existing businesses are implementing greener practices. Additionally, new businesses are… read more

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

Kids And Cardboard – The Perfect Design Match

It’s no secret that kids love cardboard boxes. Save up this useful material and check out the projects below for quality crafts that will keep kids interested. Foldschool turns plain cardboard boxes into useable kid sized stools, chairs and even rockers, as seen in their pictures below. Free downloadable projects with printable patterns and instructions let kids be in control and practice basic building concepts while making durable furniture. Designed by architect Nicola Stäubli, the cardboard furniture series offers children a practical exercise in fundamental craft skills through a real, non-condescending approach. According to Stäubli: Mass culture is run by superficiality… read more

5 Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen


Nowadays, finding ways to save money wherever and whenever we can isn’t a trend–it’s a basic instinct. Houses are expensive to maintain each month. On top of all the bills to pay, you have mouths to feed, unforeseen costs, and random life occurrences that convince you that God must have a twisted sense of humor (like that time the freak storm blew your brand new shingles off the roof). To make life easier, you scour the interweb for any tips you can find to keep your wallet that much heavier when payday rolls around. We understand the struggle. Here’s a… read more

Making Alcohol Organically with Apples


The resources required to produce and transport liquor results in an extensive 6.30 pounds of carbon dioxide per 750-milliliter bottle. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy a warm spirit in the drinking vessel of your choosing on occasion. But there are ways in which you can make your own, organic brew instead. And, with the passing of the autumn equinox, what better choice than hard apple cider? Beyond cutting the carbon footprint of your liquor consumption, you’ll be informed of your drink’s origins and find the cost of concocting your cider-y brew to be favorably scant by measure of… read more

Reclaimed Wood Revival

Reclaimed Wood Revival

Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean giving up quality. Wood furniture and construction materials can be expensive, and turning to reclaimed woods can provide a sturdy, quality design for a lot less. Repurposing and turning salvaged wood into high end pieces cuts waste and assures an original design. Check out the following reclaimed projects for some DIY enticement. Old barn doors are great finds and can be used for many different interior applications. Creating a sliding door with them can open up more space in a room. Clearance for the opening isn’t needed because it just slides back and… read more

Make Your Own, Portable Office


Portable offices are a convenient way to carve out space that is adequate for conducting work, but is adjustable – and altogether transferable – at times when you need to allot space to other activities. Often, portable offices are made using new or old storage units, like travel trunks. This is particularly useful for those who telecommute or run a business from home, providing an extensive home office that can be stowed away like a briefcase at the end of each day. To give you an idea of portable offices, here are a few pr-existing options available. Trunk Station This… read more

How To Fix Your Screen’s Stuck Pixels


Have you ever had a spot on your computer screen that only appeared when the screen was on, and wouldn’t go away? Chances are, your screen has a stuck pixel. Not to worry, however, as this is something of a normal occurrence, and is also 100% fixable. No more throwing your monitor in the trash, or selling your computer for super cheap on Craigslist (hurray!) Step 1: Turn On The Screen If the problem pixel is on your desktop’s monitor or your laptop, turn the screen on. Step 2: Display The Pixel  Navigate to a 100% black image. It can’t… read more

DIY Fashion T-Shirts


Do you have any blank t-shirts (or sweatshirts for that matter) that you’re thinking of getting rid of? Or maybe you’d just like to insert some spontaneity and randomness into your life? This video will help you achieve both those goals. Fashion t-shirts are all the rage this year (actually every year, if we’re being honest), which means some companies feel the need to jack their prices up. Rather than waste money on those shirts, you can both save money and reuse your old shirts by creating designs by yourself.

How Plastic Bags Are Made


They sit around in our homes, they carry our stuff to the car from the grocery, and they fly through the breeze in our landfills. Plastic bags are just about everywhere, but have you ever wondered how they’re made? This short video will show you the process from beginning to end, and hopefully provide you a few minutes of enlightenment.

DIY Touchscreen Table For Under $200


Do you have a dusty collection of old/unused computer parts you’re thinking of getting rid of? How about turning them into something totally epic instead? This DIY project rates an 8/10 on our difficulty scale (and the mediocre quality of the build video doesn’t help), but the project is completely doable (aka I’ve got my own table back home from watching this video). If you need more help, you can always visit the forums. Anyways, check this video out. If it’ll keep more chunks of computer parts out of the landfill, and provide you with an awesome new computer interface,… read more