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Shopping Bag Art

Shopping Bag Art

Around this retail shopping crazy time of year the amount of packaging and bags multiplies drastically. Bags to many are an item that gets an instant toss into the recycling if they are no longer going to be used to carry things. However, some artists with the ability to see the commonplace as something completely different can turn an ordinary bag into an artform. Artist Yuken Teruya¬†works with an assortment of everyday materials, like paper and shopping bags. His series made from the restaurant and retail spawned material is called Notice – Forest. Transforming bags into unbelievable dimensional pieces, he… read more

Compostable Tableware Served Up From Japan

Compostable dinneware

Here is a humble tableware collection that is fully compostable and still, very elegant. Conceived by top Japanese creative director, Shinichiro Ogata, Wasara is pure, textured and white. It’s also very warm and nice to the touch. Made from a new mix of biodegradable composite materials that doesn’t include trees, the cups, plates, bowls and vases are made from a mix of agricultural waste including bamboo, reed pulp and bagasse. Perfect for taking to a tea party or picnic at the park Wasara is extra light. Designed to be fully compostable when finished with, it can be disposed of in… read more

Japan: All Wrapped Up


In Japan, wrapping is not a mere nicety reserved for gift giving.¬†It is a custom steeped in tradition and remains ever present in Japanese culture as they continue to wrap their bodies in kimonos, their rice in seaweed, and their relics in decorative paper. In Japan, the wrapping of gifts is a heartfelt sign of respect, while wrapping personal items can be seen as a form of spiritual security. Not only does it enclose an item in a decorative exterior, it keeps it separate, safe even, from outside impurities. In this way it preserves an item’s sacredness and keeps it… read more