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Cyborg Cockroaches Could Assist First Responders


Future first responders may get a helping hand from remote-controlled cyborg cockroaches, which could be sent in to disaster sites to gather data and map the area before human rescuers enter the site. Combining video game technology with cockroach biology, researchers at North Carolina State University have been able to remotely steer the insects through a controlled environment, using Kinect tracking technology. “The researchers have incorporated Microsoft’s motion-sensing Kinect system into an electronic interface developed at NC State that can remotely control cockroaches. The researchers plug in a digitally plotted path for the roach, and use Kinect to identify and… read more

Insanity or Apathy?

Oil disaster on Alaskan coast

Since the first week of January, more details have come out pertaining to the reckless behavior exhibited by Shell Oil and its oil rig, Kulluk, off of the Alaskan Coast. First the company said the decision to move the rig was based on forecasts which suggested the weather would be good, but then it was made public that the forecasts made were for too short of a time period to be useful for the longer time duration to transport the rig. Then the company decided the best way to diffuse the situation would be to blame luck, and simply say… read more