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Space Saving Media Storage That Doubles As Art

Space Saving Media Storage That Doubles As Art

Designs in gadgets and technology have definitely become more space-saving during the years. However, sometimes the only thing that is lost isn’t the product’s floor space. Often left behind is a presentation that makes gear visually appealing. One interesting take on technology design is a multimedia player that is attempting to bridge this gap called Qleek. It is a method for media storage that can play music and movies, and also works as a photo album, holds books, playlists, videos and stores files. Designed to liven up the look of digital libraries and sound systems, this project lets you have… read more

Digital Medicine Of The Future


We take medications for a variety of reasons — Doctor prescribed pills for diseases, illness, headaches, etc. Sometimes we don’t always follow the instructions, which can lead to further complications, or the illness not being treated properly. This in turn causes headaches for medical professionals, but puts more money into the pockets of pharma companies after you purchase even more meds to cure the illness. Some companies are working on digital pills that will send data back to your doctor with information such as how you’ve been using the medicine, how often you take it, how it’s working in your… read more

Mosaics Made From Familiar Items

Mosaics Made From Familiar Items

Workbyknight is an artist who is grounded in Melbourne, Australia, but his works are not tied down to any conventional standard. Also known as WBK, he has produced, in addition to other pieces, a large series of mosaic portraits titled Analog to Digital. Reusing cast off keys and buttons from old computer keyboards, typewriters, calculators, phones and other digital equipment, he brings the small pieces to life in a larger connected context. Each key or button stands for a pixel, and he organizes them into laid out orchestrations with end results that are an imaginative and incredible reuse of the… read more

Environmentally Focused Infographics

Infographics are a visual resource for conveying data. These digital posters can present a lot of information that can be easily overviewed and used in conjunction with broader text to increase understanding of the presented context. Infographs are not a new concept, however, as humans have historically used drawings and pictures to document important events and other records, as well as to express meaning. Cave paintings are an example of some primordial forms of graphic based descriptions. There is even an infograph to show the history and progression of the pictorially based instrument. Quality infographs are good educational tools for… read more

National Unplugging Day

National Day of Unplugging

“Sabbath Manifesto is a creative project designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world.” The 2013 National Day of Unplugging, starting March 1-2 is an American concept created a few years ago. “Sabbath” comes from the Hebrew shabbat “to cease” and refers to a weekly day of rest. Many religions observe a day of rest, most usually on the weekend. All denominations, nationalities and backgrounds are welcomed to take part in Sabbath Manifesto on 1-2 March. It is, in a way, a digital detox. With the astounding reliance we have on technologies in the modern world could render this… read more

Digital Homework

Homework online

College students are already using the technology of online homework with the use of iPads and laptops in normal and online classrooms.  What if every student stopped using paper and decided to go with a longer lasting digital device, would it be a greener planet? Theories suggest that with the replacement of iPads or like technology and paired with green energy resources they are definitely a better combination than the traditional paper and pencils. Although, the production of digital devices tends to out weigh in the green category, they do not out weigh when it comes to prolonged use. iPads… read more

Going Paperless

Going paperless

The paperless office has long been a pipe dream but in the digital era it’s not only possible, it’s easy. So now is the time to decrease clutter and more importantly the destruction of our forests by going paperless. Here are some tips to get you started on the path to paperlessness: Get rid of post-it-notes (or sticky’s). Use your calendar or note section of your phone or computer to record your notes and reminders. Reduce unnecessary postal mail. Place a “no junk mail” sign on your letterbox. Subscribe to newsletters online, rather than receiving them in the mail. Notify… read more