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More Connected Than Ever-But In The Right Way?

More Connected Than Ever-But In The Right Way?

We are more technologically connected than ever, but are we less connected to each other? Seemingly, the answer is yes. And research is backing this up with interesting findings in the quest to better understand human behavior in a social media crazed society. Why do we need to be constantly connected to all things media? Why have we become wired this way? An article published in 250 words examines those of us who have our feet in both worlds; born before the era of the internet, but now rooted and immersed daily in the world of technology. Referring to those… read more

Google’s Other Half


Since their inception, Google has made prolific attempts to achieve “…universal distribution and accessibility of information to keep citizens equally informed..” Doing so with a variety of projects that have splintered off into sister sites like Google Earth and Google Green. Thus, it may be faulty to assume the existence of an other half, so much as a complimentary limb, however, with the creation of Google.org, Google has spawned a partner site that takes the company’s goal to a new philanthropic level. In their own words, Google.org is an organization that, “…develops technologies to help address global challenges and supports… read more