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Affordable 3D Printing

Form-1 Printer

We’ve written several times about 3D printing because, well, it’s one of the coolest and most innovative new industries of the decade. From giant 3D printed houses, to the many different uses for these devices, 3D printing is a pretty big deal. Not only are the materials used in 3D printers cheap, but the printers themselves are essentially home-based factories, making you an eco-friendly force to be reckoned with. Save gas by skipping out on a trip to the mall and simply build your own products yourself. Today, we’ll share with you some of the most affordable printers on the market,… read more

Screening Touch Screens

Touch screen devices

Nowadays we are surrounded by numerous gadgets- Cellphones, Tablets, Handhelds, Smart Kiosks, Gaming Consoles. The list is virtually endless and more devices keep being added every week. But there is one common input for all these devices: the Touch Screen. Touch Screens come in all shapes and sizes. They are easy to use and they have found their application in almost all of our devices. We all know how to use these screens, but what we don’t know is how these screens manage to act as both input and output devices at the same time. The Touch Screens that we… read more

Blackberry Mobile Revival

Blackberry revival

The other day, I went to the Alltel store in my town and purchased a new Blackberry Curve 3g. To many, this decision would seem downright ridiculous if there wasn’t a reason behind my madness. RIM’s devices have been around since 1998, and it’s unfortunate that they have not aged well. When iOS and Android debuted, Blackberry failed to adapt in several ways which ultimately cost them the market they’d owned before this new competition. I’ve never used a Blackberry prior to this purchase, though I’d always wanted one as a kid. Owning this prestigious device meant something back then,… read more