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Smart Foam Could Grow Furniture “Like Popcorn”


Instead of companies and consumers footing the bill for transporting large or bulky pieces of furniture, one day we could be buying flat-pack furniture made from “smart foam” that can be compressed down to 5% of its original volume. Belgian designer Carl de Smet uses “shape memory” polyurethane to build his creations, which can then be flattened down to just a small fraction of the original size for shipping and storage. De Smet is only working with scale models right now, so don’t pull out your wallets just yet, but the BBC reports that he “is close” to building the… read more

Simple Things

Innovation in developing nations

Science has always helped mankind with all it can to make life simpler and healthier. Revolutions happen around the clock from fountain pens to rockets helping humans in one way or the other. Certain innovations are made accidently while some are invented to meet problems but in most of cases they don’t reach the common man quickly or are too pricey for them to afford. Simple technology and easy-to-use innovations are better in places where energy, education and materials are plentiful.  In developing countries where resources are scarce  it could even be as simple as developing a water bottle but it makes a… read more

Modern eco chair

Butter seat

Australian designers, Nicholas Karlovasitis & Sarah Gibson, have created a 100% recycled chair that itself is 100% recyclable! The Butter Seat is derived almost entirely from post consumer recycled milk containers. The product comes in both upholstered and non-upholstered versions. The non-upholstered version is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it is UV stable and waterproof. The Butter Seat can be transported as a flat piece to reduce its environmental impact during distribution. The robustness of the chair ensures product longevity and DesignByThem offers a product stewardship program where it takes back products to be repaired, reused or recycled…. read more