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The Psychology of Design

The Psychology of Design

The field of design psychology is an interesting facet of the industry. Engaging function along with aesthetics are central, but going beyond what can only be seen and channeling what can be felt is also significant. Paying attention to how spaces are capable of reflecting moods, thus affecting attitudes, is a prerequisite that design tactics smartly employ. Basically, to have a space that either outright visually represents or even subtly notes at how we want to feel, design psychology helps to accomplish that. Combining interests, comforts, likes and things that have meaning associated with them, and that allow a personal… read more

Using Silkworms To Create Buildings


The 3-D printing industry is set to become the next big architectural trend. You should not be asking yourselves “how” but rather, “how could it not?” With printers dropping in price from $2k – $10k when they first debuted, to just a little over a couple hundred dollars today, everyone can now own a personal insta-creating device. Schools, manufacturing companies, hospitals, and more have begun adapting to the new world of construction. These devices are already remarkably eco-friendly themselves, but what about something even more green? Does it exist? The answer is yes, and you can find it in Asia… read more

Nature Inspired Whimsical Jellyfish Lamps

Paula Artzen’s Jellyfish Lamps

Dutch designer Paula Artzen takes inspiration from ants, birds and sea creatures for creating whimsical designs. Nature’s most wonderful creatures are expressed as hanging luminaries that when lightened, create a magical atmosphere in any room. Artzen specializes in interior design and loves creating detailed luminaries. She started with the most humble materials, experimenting with paper and Tyvek, and adding new dimensions to her designs by cutting and folding materials into 3D shapes. Artzen’s latest work is luminaries inspired by marine sea creatures like the wonderful jellyfish. These magical lamps take inspiration from German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel’s book of… read more

Changsha’s Vertical City


The Broad Sustainable Building company is taking vertical living to a new level with the construction of a skyscraper that will encapsulate an entire city. The 220-storied highrise, called Sky City, is scheduled to begin construction next month in Changsha, which is the capital of the Hunan providence in China. At the time of writing, Sky City is to be the world’s tallest building, rising 10 meters above Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, at 838 meters high. The project is also significantly cheaper, costing 17 times less than Burj Khalifa, despite an estimated 90 day-long construction period. The speedy assemblage can attributed… read more

Biodegradable Designs Made From The Earth


Tel-Aviv based sustainability designer, social-entrepreneur and teacher Adital Ela enjoys getting her hands dirty. A graduate from renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, she produces fantastic objects made from soil and fibers. Her collection is called “Terra” and includes stools (for children and adults) and lampshades, and she will soon unveil a new and bigger object: an earth bedside cupboard. Made from soil and dry plants fibers, that give the mix a long lasting quality and structure, the Terra collection is entirely craft by hand. Ela collects her raw materials from a site nearby her Tel-Aviv studio, mixes it… read more

LEGOs: Combining Play and Learning

LEGOs: Combining Play and Learning

LEGO sets may be a first introduction to design and architecture for many during their childhood years. Planning, building, demolishing and rebuilding can be considered rites of passage in the world of imaginary play. Toys like LEGOs can help build motor skills and develop strategy building abilities. They are even on an upcoming agenda to be used in a school curriculum in Denmark for children ages 3 through 7, with plans for eventually providing instruction for those up to age 16. The International School of Billund, located in Jutland near the LEGO birthplace, is working to become the first of its… read more

Turning A Barn Into Recycled Wooden Home

Labor 13 Turns Barn Into Recycled Wooden Home

Immersed into the wild landscape of bohemian Czech Republic there is an open plan dwelling made from local recycled materials. Standing on a piece of land of a former barn, the shelter was named ‘Conceptual Object in Vernerice’ as it is an experimental piece of architecture near a town called Vernerice. Long and lean, this beautiful wooden shelter sits right in the northern area of Czech Republic. Designed by local studio Labor 13, the shelter is charming and full of historic references that left a distinct mark. Built with a great respect for its past, the architects left untouched as… read more

Compostable Tableware Served Up From Japan

Compostable dinneware

Here is a humble tableware collection that is fully compostable and still, very elegant. Conceived by top Japanese creative director, Shinichiro Ogata, Wasara is pure, textured and white. It’s also very warm and nice to the touch. Made from a new mix of biodegradable composite materials that doesn’t include trees, the cups, plates, bowls and vases are made from a mix of agricultural waste including bamboo, reed pulp and bagasse. Perfect for taking to a tea party or picnic at the park Wasara is extra light. Designed to be fully compostable when finished with, it can be disposed of in… read more

The Slug And The Squirrel Creating New Life

The Slug and the Squirrel’s beautiful tiny green terrariums

American artist Jose Agatep from The Slug and the Squirrel enjoys making tiny green ecosystems inside repurposed glass jars. He gives a new life to old containers while creating a confined space for plants to live inside. The glass containers have various shapes and have been found around local flea markets or repurposed from the artist’s own kitchen. They include old bottles, jars, vases and pots, all made from glass because it’s easy to clean, long lasting and the best material to see through. The incredible terrariums filled with plenty of plants, wild mosses, flowers, small stones, soil, and wood… read more

A Pop-Up Relaxed Space for the Stressed Out

Soft fold cabane

The problem with modern times is that we are all hyper-connected, doing multiple things at the same time and frankly, a bit stressed out. In response to this issue Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller created a great flexible space to read, relax, hang around and be with oneself. Developed within the Fabrica experimental center, Soft Fold Cabane gives people a stress-free time. Soft Fold Cabane consists of a wooden structure that can be folded and unfolded and fits in just about any corner of the house. The long square section of wooden bars, found at a local flea market, are bolted together creating… read more