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Building with Nature’s Strong Point

Vietnamese Restaurant is Entirely Built From Bamboo

Bamboo is an essential ingredient for traditional Vietnamese architecture. It grows locally, very flexible and surprisingly, as strong as steel. Bamboos are some of the fastest-growing plants in the world and are of notable economic and cultural significance particularly around Asia, and it is widely used as a as a food source, medicine and textiles, as well as architecture. One breathtaking example, built entirely from the fast-growing grass is a restaurant called Bamboo Wing. Situated in the province of Vinh Phuc, near Hanoi, Vietnam, it showcases the majestic work by Vietnamese bamboo masters Vo Trong Nghia providing a gorgeous place… read more

Rough, Rusty and Recycled

Rusty-Modern Home in Sydney

“Tinshed” is not a rugged precarious home, it is a modern studio flat/office located in the trendy area of East Redfern, one of Sydney’s most interesting and dynamic suburbs. It was designed by architect Raffaello Rossellis who reused the corrugated iron boards from an old shed standing previously on-site to create a modern space with humble exteriors that reminds the area what was left behind. Tin sheds are a part of Australia’s building vernacular, which is why the architect decided to keep the old shed’s spirit and revamped it into a new home, a new building that is rough and honest. Filled with windows… read more

It’s Looking A Little Cloudy

It’s Looking A Little Cloudy

Natural elements are always a source of inspiration for the worlds of art and design. Whether mimicking structure or capabilities, nature influenced designs are innovative and sometimes unique or even unusual. However, what happens when natural design goes beyond imitation and protrudes into the everyday? That must have been one of a series of questions for artist Berndnaut Smilde in creating the idea for his atmospheric, wispy cloud wonders. His cloud formations are art in motion. Appearing in a room by way of a smoke machine, a flowing white cloud drops in and wafts by, then evaporates just like the… read more

The New Look Of Temporary Learning Spaces

The New Look Of Temporary Learning Spaces

Temporary school buildings exist for many reasons such as natural disasters, building repairs or to provide extra space for overcrowded schools. Though meant to be short-term some actually stay up for many years. Numerous temporary classrooms exist worldwide, and there are 300,000 in the U.S. alone that must accommodate an estimated 7.5 million students. Since they are in fact constructed to fill an interim need, sometimes they can be less than quality fabrications which can make them susceptible to many issues. That’s where Perkins+Will, an architecture and design firm, steps in. Taking this often overlooked problem and making it their… read more

Collapsible Bike Helmets Can Shrink by 50%


One of the problems with wearing a standard helmet for bicycle commuting is the question of what you’re going to do with it when you’re not on your bike. Once you get safely to your destination, it’s served its purpose and can be stashed somewhere until you need it again, but until now, there really hasn’t been a good solution for that, unless you count strapping it onto the side of your backpack or stuffing it under your desk. But thanks to a new bike helmet design from Closca, urban riders can take off their helmet and collapse it down… read more

The Twists and The Turns

Artist Laura Bacon Waves Huge Willow Sculptures

British artist, Laura Bacon, weaves her way into beautiful large-scale eco-friendly installations. She creates powerful huge sculptures by twisting, turning and weaving dried willow branches using her own hands. The artist enjoys reorganizing chaotic amounts of raw material to create organic sculptures and site-specific spaces that evoke nature and provide people with mysterious powerful art. Her sculptures are made to engage with people and to beautifully sit within its surroundings. They are designed for climbing, hiding, walking through them or just admiring their intricate craft. Taking inspiration from the way birds build their own nests using flexible often-natural materials, Bacon weaves… read more

Recycled Cardboard Houses a Whole Office

Nothing Agency’s Office is Built From Recycled Cardboard

The headquarters of advertising agency Nothing in Amsterdam have been created with a really tight budget and little time, but with plenty of creativity. The agency had an empty white box apartment in The Netherlands´capital but they needed to create a comfortable working environment inside that could reflect their cutting-edge philosophy to clients and visitors coming into their space. Product designer Joost Van Bleiswijk and design director Alrik Koudenburg were called to do the job, creating a unique sustainable space made from one single material: cardboard. Extremely versatile, recycled, readily available and super cheap, cardboard is easy to work with and can be… read more

Cloud-Like Summer Pavilion Graces London

Cloud-Like Summer Pavilion Pops Up in London

Each year, the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Kensington Gardens invites an architect to design a temporary pavilion in the park. The structure will be up all summer, enjoyed by Londoners and tourists, and will be hosting a variety of events through out the summer. This year is the turn of Japanese Sou Fujimoto, a 41-year-old who is the youngest architect to accept one of the world’s most sought after (but unpaid) commissions. Fujimoto’s nebulous design is a gorgeous cloud-like structure made from a network of steel poles that stretch over 350 square meters creating a playful, geometric and translucent structure… read more

A Chair Made from the Elements

"Soilid" Chair is Made from Baked Soil and Fungi

Growing your own furniture might seem like a crazy idea, but some designers are already experimenting with this weird and wonderful concept. That is the case of Erez Nevi Pana who is growing his own furniture from natural materials and watches it grow! Made from a mix of soil, fungi and other natural materials, “Soilid” is Pana‘s first experimentation with these kinds of elements, which are common in the garden but rarely seen within the design world. To make this odd looking chair the materials are first measured by volume and weight, and then mixed all together. The mix is then shaped… read more

Cycling, Flying…or Both

Paravelo: the world’s first flying bike

For those of you who love extreme sports and ride bikes in the city, but want to avoid traffic jams, there is a new two-wheeled that you will absolutely adore. Created by a pair of British enthusiasts who have a passion for both cycling and flying, John Foden (37) and Yannick Read (42), the XploreAir Paravelo is a bike that transforms into an aircraft. The inventors say it is the world’s first fully functional flying bicycle. “If you have a thirst for adventure, but are without the storage space or bank balance large enough for a helicopter, then the Paravelo is… read more