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Create A Collected Space With A Vignette

Create A Collected Space With A Vignette

A vignette, or grouping of objects, is an ideal way to organize a space, display favorite items and it is also a frugal design trick. Reusing jars, containers and things from the home or garden and placing them in a vignette can liven up a table, shelf or corner of a room and create a functional display. Some recommend certain techniques for creating a vignette presentation. For instance, one suggestion is to place main items, or anchor pieces, in odd numbers to add to the effect. Also varying the height, creating depth and playing with color, texture and themes to fit… read more

The Living Room Project

The Living Room Project

Growing, living things are all around us. Industrial design students Merjan Tara Sisman and Brian McClellan have taken note of this, and fused the scientific laboratory with furniture design creating an experiment with an interesting outcome. Their brainchild, The Living Room Project, shows how living organisms can be manipulated and engineered into specific shapes. While they were looking into different organisms for their thesis project, they stumbled upon the unique rooting structure of mushrooms. Forming mycelium, or mushroom roots, into various shapes may sound complicated and a little peculiar, but the completely natural process is actually fairly simple. Looking into the way… read more

Recycled And Rebuilt: Automotive Art

Recycled And Rebuilt: Automotive Art

Artwork that includes recycled supplies can produce interesting pieces to look at. Taking old objects and turning them into completely new ones that grab the observer’s attention requires a creative outlook. Eric Van Hove is a conceptual artist with an automotive flair and an imagination. The V12 Laraki, his engine reconstruction of a Mercedes V12, is a one of a kind work. Completely taking apart a Mercedes engine, Van Hove recreated each piece with amazing detail. He also had some added Moroccan influence. A grant funded project led the artist to Morocco where he received design assistance with the engine from… read more

These Diamonds are 100% Perfect

Recycled Plastic Diamond Seats From Chile

All over the world designers are coming up with new ways of dealing with the millions of tons of plastic thrown away each year. But only some plastic waste gets recycled back due to the complexity of separating the material’s different categories (e.g. PWaysET, HDPE, PS), leading to generate only few amounts of products, which sometimes, have really poor appearance. With this in mind and taking into account what he could source in his local area, Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso creates beautiful diamond-shaped seats made entirely from recycled plastic coming from old electronics, toys, drink trays and even stadium seats…. read more

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover


Walking past this Victorian terrace in inner-city Sydney, while beautiful none-the-less, it looks like many others in the suburb and surrounding areas. That is unless you have the good fortune to step inside. And once you do, you’ll be blown away by the modern and minimal sculptural design and the fluid flow of the floorplan. But the real wow factor comes in the form of the incredible light and airyness that is often unfamiliar in traditional terrace houses. Renowned Sydney architect firm, Chenchow Little, have created a minimalistic abode filled with glass, concrete and wood. Nicknamed the Skylight House, the… read more

Not Quite The Empty Nester

Biomimicry-inspired Human Nests

You might not be too familiar with the concept of Biomimicry (or Biomimetics) yet, but it’s all about getting inspiration on how nature builds models, processes and elements in order to solve human problems. The term comes from the Greek words “bios”, meaning life, and “mimesis” which mean to imitate. This idea has been around for a long time and one of the early examples of Biomimicry, although never successful but highly inspiring, was Leonardo da Vinci’s “flying machines”, that were created by observing the anatomy and flight of birds. Taking this Biomimicry concept to an extreme, South Africa-based artist… read more

Giant Rice Paddy Art

Giant Rice Paddy Art

Every year hundreds of farmers and enthusiastic locals gather together to create gigantic rice paddy art in Japan. Tanbo Art is a way of expression, a local tradition that started back in 1993 and consists of using rice fields as a canvas to create the most amazing illustrations from different shades of the plant. It started as a way to revitalize the rice village of Inakadate, in Aomori prefecture, and it has now been extended to various areas around the island of the raising sun. For the first 8 years, the farmers created a simple picture of Mount Iwaki, but… read more

Recycled Containers Bridging the Gap

Amazing Bridge Made From Recycled Containers

Freight companies decommission an estimated 800,000 shipping containers each year, so reusing the sturdy steel boxes makes a lot of sense. We have all seen reused shipping container houses, offices, hotels and all sorts of temporary structures built with them, but there are some mind-blowing ideas that aim to use the boxes for building amazing bridges. A studio currently working on the concept is Tel-Aviv-based Yoav Messer Architects, who recently unveiled a plan for a whopping 525-foot-long Econtainer Bridge made from the ever-lasting corrugated boxes. The project is the winner of an international competition that looks into providing pedestrians, bicycles… read more

Old Electronics Now Sitting Pretty

Chile’s N+ew Fantastic E-Waste Seats

A total of estimated 50 million tons of e-waste is generated globally each year and sadly only 15-20 % of it gets recycled. Technology’s fast pace together with planned obsolescence in objects leave mountains of electronic waste with components that are extremely harmful, if they are not properly managed. But some eco-designers are making good use of this trash, highlighting the problem with cool functional objects. Based in Chile, designer Rodrigo Alonso is busy sorting out unloved CDs, qwerty keyboards, multi-colored cables and motherboards turning them into fantastic e-waste seats. The Latin eco-designer uses (not-so-eco) epoxy resin to “suspend” as… read more

Refugee Shelters Solar-Powered by IKEA

Solar-Powered IKEA Shelter For Refugees

More than 43 million people in the world are refugees and right now approximately 3.5 million of them live in tents provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR). But these fabric tents are just a temporary solution as they only last about six months, are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, offering little comfort, dignity and security. Also, they have no electricity or lighting, and that is very limiting for people and families that just want to live a normal life, again. That is why the UNCHR recently joined Nordic giant IKEA Foundation, to… read more