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Preventing Desertification

Image of desertification

Desertification is the process in which fertile land slowly turns into sand-filled deserts. It’s happening all around the world, and increasingly so in the United States. It’s a direct result of poor environmental decisions, livestock grazing, and landowner neglect. The good news is that it’s also reversible and preventable. Allan Savory, a research biologist and President/Co-Founder of the Savory Institute, recently gave an inspirational TED talk about healing our land. His background on the subject is impressive, and should give us pause to heed his words. In the 1960’s while working in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), he came to understand what… read more

Halting The Sands

Desertification, Africa

If you were to visit rural southern Africa you would likely experience the beauty of a primordial country life. The cows would be grazing, farmers would be in the fields, their irrigation sprinklers would be at work, and maidens would be collecting firewood from the nearby forest. At face value there is nothing wrong with the picture, however if you would multiply the activity described, and look forward by 10 years or so, the picture would change to a cover on a document entitled “The Leading Cause of Desertification”. The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification focuses particularly on those African countries… read more

Desert Greenhouses Cooled by Seawater


As temperatures steadily rise, and planetary resources deplete, so grows concerns pertaining to our ability to achieve sustainable means of food production. With the projected growth of the population expected to continue – up to 2050-60, at least, (if we’re to believe the theories of a coming peak in population) – we are forced to get more creative with our resources and methods for using them. In the desert these challenges are only multiplied by extreme heat and aridity. Furthermore, land that is currently identified as dry land or plains will soon, due to climate change and soil degradation, be… read more