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Flavor Your Water The Natural Way


Perhaps due to our over saturated palettes, some don’t drink enough water unless it is tinged with packets of flavored powder or sweetened. If this sounds familiar, you may want to read on and find ways to enjoy water without dressing it up beyond recognition. To start, you can add flavor to your water without comprimising its health benefits. Try diluting your water with lemon or lime juice. Not only are both low in calories, they have the added benefit of enriching your water with vitamin C and B, along with antioxidants. You also can add fresh citrus slices, like lemon and orange slices, to a pitcher of water. A handful of berries works… read more

Drinking More Water

Drinking More Water

We know we should opt for water instead of sugary alternatives, but sometimes plain water isn’t what the palate begs for. There are healthy ways to spruce up water so you will be more likely to reach for a glass. Our bodies are composed of as much as 80% water when we are born, and are made up of about 70% water as adults. We need water to survive, and adequate water intake leads to benefits like healthier skin and even aids cognitive ability. Too much water can lead to water intoxication, but when the body is dehydrated it cannot… read more