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Design Ideas Made With Ice

Design Ideas Made With Ice

Decorating for parties, holidays and guests can be time consuming and an added expense. The following designs are simple to make and do not require a ton of supplies. They are also budget friendly and most can be made using things around the house, and the finished products add an extra welcoming touch. Ice Luminaries Ice Luminaries and hurricanes are super easy to make, and require only a freezable container to hold water and desired inserts. [paidcontent] This idea uses fragrant, fresh evergreen branches embedded in ice. Other items like citrus fruits, seasonal berries, flowers or pine cones can also be used…. read more

Artwork that Utilizes Discarded Paint Chips


It is not every day that we encounter paint chips. Most times we have no need for them. However, given the prevalence and accessibility of paint sample chips (they are, after all, free), it is all too easy to over accumulate them during the times we do need them. So, much like complimentary sugar packets they pile up and are either tossed out or stuffed away to be forgotten. One may simply think to recycle them. While this seems easy enough, and is certainly a commendable idea, it isn’t that simple. This is due to glossy sheen on some paint… read more

Reuse Halloween Decor

Reusable Halloween decorations

The time of year is here that we go spooky with witches, goblins, gravestones, and goo! Do not make mother earth boo you. Here are a few simple decorations you can reuse year to year. Gravestones:  Instead of those styrofoam stones you can find at every store try using wood. One large sheet of wood can make about four gravestones. Use wood fence stakes by drilling them to the back to insert your stones into the ground. Paint the stones with silver paint and black for writing. Every year they get more worn adding to the creepy effect. Caution Tape:… read more