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Why Internet Efficiency is Up in the Clouds


Data entry centers account for 1-2 percent of the world’s electricity consumption. This may seem a scant amount, however, 86 percent of primary energy footprint systems are also attributed to data centers. Google’s cloud software is able to increase the efficiency of data centers by reducing the amount of total servers through consolidation. If all office workers in the U.S. were to switch to cloud platforms, the potential energy savings would be enough to power the city of Los Angeles for an entire year. This would be the equivalent to 23 billion kilowatt-hours annually, or 87 percent of IT energy… read more

Environmentally Focused Infographics

Infographics are a visual resource for conveying data. These digital posters can present a lot of information that can be easily overviewed and used in conjunction with broader text to increase understanding of the presented context. Infographs are not a new concept, however, as humans have historically used drawings and pictures to document important events and other records, as well as to express meaning. Cave paintings are an example of some primordial forms of graphic based descriptions. There is even an infograph to show the history and progression of the pictorially based instrument. Quality infographs are good educational tools for… read more